5 Checks to Ensure Your Facebook Page Is Up to Date


social media how toAre you using a Facebook page for marketing?

Have you checked to make sure it’s up to date?

Facebook regularly provides marketers and business owners with new ways to update their presence on Facebook.

In this article you’ll discover five checks to ensure your Facebook page is up to date.

checks to ensure your facebook page is up to date

Discover five checks to make sure your Facebook page is up to date.

#1: Review Your About Box

One of the big differences between pages in the Local Business category versus the other categories has been the About box in the page’s left sidebar. Pages in the Local Business category would show the business’s address and phone number, while pages in all other categories have the page’s short description displayed.

about box description image

Previously, the About box displayed the page’s short description for non-local businesses.

Now, some pages in other categories, such as Company, display the address and phone number in the About box, instead of the short description. Pages that have not yet added their address and phone number, like the one for Gucci, show “Ask for” links to visitors.

about box image

There are “Ask links” in the About box on pages that do not have updated contact information.

It’s important for marketers who have a Facebook page in a category other than Local Business to visit it to make sure it shows your short description, as opposed to a missing address and phone number.

about box admin view image

This is the admin view of pages missing local business information.

If your page is missing information, you either need to update your address and phone number (which you can do by clicking on what needs to be changed) or switch your page to a different category.

To edit your page category, go to your About tab and edit it under Page Info.

about box edit image

Go to Page Info in the About tab to update the category of your Facebook page.

The updated category will appear beneath your Facebook page name, so choose something highly relevant for your page.

#2: Add a Call to Action for Different Devices

The Call-to-Action button allows you to display a specific call to action next to your page’s Like button.

This drives traffic to your website or mobile app, and ensures people who like your page will be presented with the most options to follow your page.

Here are two examples of Facebook pages in a similar industry: Due.com and Hiveage.

Due’s Facebook page does not use the Call-to-Action button. When someone likes the page, the options to Get Notifications from the page and have the page’s posts show up first in the news feed are separated under two drop-downs.

page without call to action image

A Facebook page without a Call-to-Action button splits the audience’s notification options.

On the other hand, Hiveage’s Facebook page uses the Call-to-Action button. When someone likes the page, the options to Get Notifications from the page and have the page’s posts show up first in the news feed are under the Liked drop-down. This is where new fans are more likely to hover.

page with call to action image

A Facebook page with a Call-to-Action button gives viewers notification options under the Liked button.

If you don’t have a Call-to-Action button on your Facebook page, you can easily add one. Go to your page and click Create Call to Action.

create call to action image

Click to create your Call-to-Action button.

Next, you will find options to set your Call-to-Action button for website visitors (from a computer), as well as for iPhone and Android users.

create separate call to action image

Set up a separate call to action for website, iPhone and Android users.

Click the drop-down under Choose a Button to see your call-to-action options.

variety of call-to-action options image

Choose from a variety of call-to-action options.

Next, enter a relevant website URL in the website field. Alternately, switch No to Yes under Set up a Link to an App and then choose a specific app for iPhone or Android users.

select apps image

Click Yes under Set up a Link to an App, and then select apps for iPhone and Android users.

When you’ve finished the setup, click the Create button to test your Call-to-Action button. You want to make sure it directs Facebook page visitors to the right web page or app.

#3: Choose a Featured Video

Video on Facebook is a hot commodity. Add a Featured Video to your Facebook page. It will appear at the top of your About box, as shown on the Facebook page of Subaru.

subaru featured video image

Subaru uses a Featured Video on their Facebook page.

To include a Featured Video on your page, start by uploading a video to the Videos tab. Afterward, you get the option to add it as a Featured Video.

featured video option image

Add your upload to the Videos tab, and get the option to add a Featured Video.

Simply select a video from your uploads to add as your Featured Video. Once you do that, you can click the pencil icon at the top right of the Featured Video on the Videos tab to add a description to your video, change it or remove it.

edit featured video image

Click the pencil to edit your Featured Video.

It is particularly important to add a description to your Featured Video, since anyone who clicks to watch the video will see it. Think of it as another call to action, like Chipotle does on their page.

video description image

Use your Featured Video description as a call to action.

As long as you’re thinking about descriptions, add one to your Facebook page’s cover photo. The same rules apply. Anyone who clicks on it will see whatever you added for the photo description as a call to action.

#4: Allow People to Privately Message Your Page

While this feature has been around for a while, some businesses don’t realize its value. Think of messaging as a great reputation-management tool. People might be more likely to click the Message button on your page with a complaint before posting something publicly on your page.

To enable this feature (if you haven’t already), go to your page’s General settings and check the box to allow people to privately message your page.

page message image

Go to your page’s General settings to turn on the Message option.

The Message button will then appear next to your Like button.

page message button image

Make sure your Message button appears on the page.

The Message button is also a great option for businesses that don’t allow people to write posts on their pages. The alternative is forcing people to put complaints as comments on random page posts.

#5: Post Regularly With Publishing Tools

When did you last post to your Facebook page wall? In addition to the above cosmetic tips, you want to continuously make sure your Facebook page has new posts for your fans to enjoy.

If you don’t want to invest in a third-party tool and can’t remember to post to your Facebook page daily, try the built-in Publishing Tools.

page publishing tools image

Use the Publishing Tools inside your Facebook page.

This set of tools allows you to schedule posts, so you keep your page updated regularly. All you have to do is take a little time one day a week to write some great updates for your page. Then schedule a new post to publish each day.

schedule daily posts image

Take one day a week to schedule daily posts using Publishing Tools.

Once you schedule your posts, you just have to wait for the notifications to roll in and monitor comments. The updates will keep your page fresh and open the door to engagement opportunities with your audience.

In Conclusion

Your Facebook page represents your business, so make sure it’s accurate and fan-friendly. Perform these basic checks to ensure your page is up to date in terms of the latest features Facebook has to offer. This is essential for page owners and their audiences.

What do you think? When was the last time you updated your Facebook business page? What other things should Facebook page owners be on the lookout for? Please share in the comments.

ensure your facebook page is up to date

Five checks to ensure your Facebook page is up to date.

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Donald Trump is the Candidate that Republicans can Date but Never Marry


There’s something appealing about a rebel. They say what they want to say and do what they want to do. It’s refreshing, even appealing when you’re used to an alternative that is known for being boring.

Donald Trump is the best thing that happened to the long-term success of the Republican party in years. I’ll cover that elsewhere, but for now it’s important to note that I’ve changed my tune on the importance of the man and his presence in the field. He should not be the nominee and he definitely cannot be the President, but he’s added a spice to the mix that would never have been there if he hadn’t joined the race.

Like a person that is fun to date but who carries too much baggage for a long-term relationship, let alone a marriage, Donald Trump represents the pre-primary fling that the Republican party needs. We’re going to end up marrying someone else as our candidate and hopefully our President, but this fling has been both entertaining and strangely enlightening. He’s pushed the candidates to rethink and improve. For that, we should all be thankful.

Those traits that make him appealing such as his willingness to speak his mind even if his perspective is unpopular makes him an ideal date before popping the question to someone else. He’s the contrast, the salt that makes the caramel so tasty.

Here are some of the things that make him an important candidate but a terrible nominee:

  • No Filter – This is pointed to as a primary reason that many people support him. He speaks his mind and isn’t worried about the consequences, at least in theory. It’s great to have a candidate that does this and while we can dream wistfully of a President that did the same thing, such a President would erode world relationships worse than the last two Presidents have done.
  • Deal Making – Nobody can doubt that Trump knows how to put together deals that favor him. He’s one of the masters of it. However, political deal making and business deal making are two completely different things. Ronald Reagan helped tear down the Berlin Wall and end the Cold War, but he wouldn’t necessarily make a great business CEO. There are so many factors associated with deals on a geopolitical scale while in business, it really just comes down to money.
  • Bad Relationships with Specific Demographics – It’s interesting to watch candidate Trump go after women (and then deny it), Hispanics (and then claim that they love him), and unattractive people (though Rand Paul is clearly more physically appealing that Trump), but to know that a President Trump had insulted people like he was in junior high creates relationship barriers that often cannot be mended. He’s already hated by liberals. No need to have him hated by a good percentage of conservatives as well if he’s going to be the nominee.
  • Winning – This would be the strange one to understand as a weakness for a President. People love winners. We love them as candidates and we love them as Presidents. He’s the problem with Trump. He’s such a winner that he’s a very soar loser at the same time. He doesn’t possess the humility necessary to accept losses. In the world of business, it’s very possible to win nearly all the time. In politics, especially in the Oval Office, you’re going to lose a good chunk of the time because you don’t always have control over what the Congress, states, SCOTUS, and foreign leaders will do. Even President Obama knew how to respond when he lost his Congressional majority. President Trump will not be as prepared for such a devastating loss.

We applaud Mr. Trump for doing things that make him appealing as an early candidate because he’s changed the calculus for the better. He’s a great date, one to remember for the ages. However, he cannot be the candidate we marry as our nominee. There are two certainties in that situation: the marriage will end and it won’t end well.

Donald and Ivana