Autumn Fashion Tips for a Modern Dandy Look


After a summer filled with t-shirts and tennis shoes, it’s time to leave cool, thin fabrics behind and refresh our autumn wardrobes. In 2015, fall fashion has quite a few trends that are worth watching and adapting to your personal style. There are classic pieces that keep coming back better than ever, as well as fresh and modern ones that will spice up your attire. Arthur Lamber gives us his favourite fall fashion tips for a modern dandy look below and dress to express and impress this season.

Any gentleman with a sense of style will have at least one pair of chukka boots in his closet. We love this fall fashion staple because it is highly versatile and you can wear it on several occasions. They work amazingly for trousers, chinos, jeans and even business suits, so always consider having a pair close by. The most popular varieties are black or brown leather, which are both excellent for matching with different kinds of outfits. Make sure that you keep your chukkas well-polished throughout the season.

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We are thrilled that men are finally starting to understand, accept and encourage messenger bags. For quite some time men did not know how to approach this accessory, but now it is all the rage in the fashion industry. This autumn, you can style up with a premium canvas messenger bag anywhere you plan on going. Just like chukkas, messenger bags are versatile pieces that can work fantastically for work, school, dates or just out in the city.

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You missed your corduroys over the summer, didn’t you? The good news is that they are as fashionable as ever this year, so you can pull out your favorite pair or buy a new one for some fresh style. Grey, brown, khaki, black, blue, beige… the possibilities are limitless when it comes to choosing the color of your corduroys. They look awesome with a light sweater or a cardigan with a button-up shirt, so consider them for your choice of business casual attire.

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One of the signature pieces of Hollywood’s Golden Age is trending once again: the fedora. Once part of a gentleman’s fashion essentials, the fedora is a classy accessory that can be adorned during every autumn day. It will keep you warm when it tends to get chilly and you will remain as sharp as ever. The recommended colors are the ones associated with fall itself: rusty, earthy and all-around neutral shades are encouraged.

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Wait, was there ever a year in which the leather jacket wasn’t fashionable? Thankfully, this timeless trend continues in fall 2015, with leather jackets remaining an irreplaceable piece in a man’s closet. If you want to go for an all-classic look, you can get a black leather jacket and match it with a white t-shirt (just make sure you don’t get one embellished with too many zippers). If you want a smart casual approach, you can look into a piece made of brown leather, even with a “worn” appearance.

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Scarves are essential even for men; it is autumn after all, isn’t it? Men actually enjoy quite a large variety of scarves to choose from for both fall and winter. You might not need a thick, knit scarf just yet (at least wait for the first snowfall for that), but you can go for a relatively thin wool scarf anytime this season. You can drape it around your shoulders, wrap it once around your neck or tie it over hand, depending on which method you prefer. As always, neutral tones are the best way to go for choice of colors.

How can the trench coat ever go out of style? Together with the leather jacket, the trench coat has become essential for men and women around the world. One of the best parts about this piece is that it can really bring out the gentleman in you that has a strong sense of style. You can complete your trench coat with all of the other trends on this list (besides the leather jacket, of course). So grab your corduroys, messenger bag, fedora, chukka boots, scarf and trench coat and hit the streets like a styling pro.

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