Chosen Partners with Ellen DeGeneres for ‘Ellen’s Dance Off’

Ellen's Dance Off

Chosen, creator of the Chosen video-based talent competition app, has partnered with Ellen Digital Ventures, created by WBTVG and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, to launch a new competition within the Chosen app called ‘Ellen’s Dance Off.’

The competition asks users to upload a video of themselves dancing to Missy Elliott’s song WTF, to enter to win an all expenses paid trip to Los Angeles for the taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

With this competition, all users can vote on submissions, even if they don’t submit a video themselves. Users swipe right to vote for a video, and swipe left to pass (users can vote for multiple videos). At the end of the contest period, the user who has received the most votes will win.

Chosen is using its partnership with DeGeneres as a preview of its expanded platform, which will expand from one for just musical competitions to one supporting additional videos for things like dancing, acting and comedy, among others.

The Chosen app launched earlier this year. In addition to these dance videos for the Ellen’s Dance Off contest, the app currently allows users to upload freestyle or karaoke versions of musical performances, which can be judged by the community.

In a statement, Chosen co-founder and CEO, David Hyman, commented:

We can’t imagine a better way to demonstrate the power of the Chosen platform than this partnership with Ellen Digital Ventures and the launch of ‘Ellen’s Dance Off.’ The market for a global competition platform that creates deep engagement for spectators through our unique game mechanics and social features is in the billions. We believe we have tapped into a market that can be as big and powerful as any of the major social platforms.

Chosen is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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