I’m Scared to Click on Any Stories about Miley Cyrus


To most, I’m what you would consider to be a prude. That wasn’t always the case; perhaps a combination of conservative Christian values and a wonderfully conservative wife changed my mind. Then again, it could be fatherhood, which is the main reason people like Miley Cyrus scare me.

I remember one of my daughters watching Hannah Montana all the time. Some of the topics were a little more mature than I would like, particularly in the later seasons when she’s supposed to be college age, but for the most part it was still a PG-rated show. At the time, we were all seeing stars like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears abandon all values in an attempt to get attention, but I always thought that Cyrus might be one of the few child stars that makes it into adulthood without a total degradation of morals.

I was wrong.

This isn’t a new thing. It’s been happening for a while with celebrities rising in popularity and then falling from grace. The big difference that has been expanding since the 1960s is that the tolerance level has reversed. Scandal once brought people down. As time progressed, we saw celebrities who were able to emerge from disgrace and rebuild their fame and admiration. Today, it’s not only acceptable but in many cases profitable to be bad, to abandon values and morals for something that can only be described as demonic behavior.

We’ve never gone too deep into conspiracy theories on this blog, but I’m starting to realize that the whole “evil” influence that some have been describing in Hollywood and the music industry is actually a real thing. “Whistleblowers” like The Vigilant Christian have been calling it the Illuminati influence. In other words, there’s more than just jaded public relations firms behind the moral downfall of today’s most popular singers and actors. It’s a truly evil, demonic force.

The first thought that many people will have at this point is to think that it’s really all about money and fame. They believe that there’s no real evil or conspiracy going on but rather just a way of getting more attention. It doesn’t take much research to realize that it’s much worse than that, but I’m not going to tell you to do that research. As cowardly as it sounds, even the act of researching it and knowing what evils hide behind today’s celebrities is an act that can draw people further into it.

Today, I’m simply not going to click to see what their latest debacles entail.

Miley Cyrus Before She Went Crazy

Call it “sticking my head in the sand.” Call it cowardice. Call it prudence. Call it what you will, but here’s my recommendation to all. There are so many more important things to do with our lives than to give any of these celebrities, evil or not, a minute of our time. They are distractions. We have been charged to do so much and none of those charges have anything to do with watching reality TV or reading celebrity gossip blogs.

In a way, it’s a fear. Celebrities can suck us into their world with their antics. Then again, it may simply be a dismissal. Miley Cyrus, Tom Cruise, Taylor Swift, and Chris Pratt don’t deserve the attention that we give them.



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