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Multiling is a Light, Customizable and Privacy-Friendly Keyboard


Android: If you are using an Android device with limited memory and processor power, you’d know that apps like Swype and SwiftKey don’t always run smoothly. Multiling offers similar customizability and features while protecting your privacy and being light on resources.

Like SwiftKey and Swype—two of our favourite Android keyboards—you can swipe-to-type and the predictive text gets better the more you use it. It’s also pretty customizable, lets you change the layout, use different types of keyboards (like Dvorak and Azerty), supports several languages and much more.

But the two points where it’s very impressive is the low memory usage and app permissions. Where Swype and SwiftKey were using 41MB and 32MB respectively on my phone, Multiling was using just 7MB. I tested it on a low-powered Android device (dual-core A7 processor, 512MB RAM) and Multiling was much faster than any of the other keyboards, including the stock Android one.

Apart from that, Multiling requires much fewer app permissions than any of the other keyboards, asking only to read and write the user dictionary and access control vibration for haptic feedback. Meanwhile, Swype and SwiftKey will want to read everything from your text messages to your contact book. The down side is that you have to input contact names the first time in Multiling and it doesn’t learn them smartly, but that’s a small price to pay for privacy.

Multiling (Free) | Google Play Store via MakeUseOf



Is Facebook Adding Customizable Lock Screens To Home?


FlickrPinterestTumblrInstagramHome650HomeLockScreenLeakWhat may very well be a leaked version of the new version 4.0 of the flagship Facebook application for Android counts among its features far more extensive customization of the lock screen for its Home Android overlay.

YouTube user TheDemon7x shared the video below with PhoneArena, in which users can customize the lock screens for their devices by accessing the app settings menu.

TheDemon7x told PhoneArena he saw the customization options while using a Nexus 4, and PhoneArena reported that they were not present on the Nexus 5.

The previously announced addition of content from Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram to the lock screen was also included in the version of the app shared by TheDemon7x.

Home users: Would you like the ability to customize your lock screens?

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