Place an Ice Cube on Hardened Wax for Quick Removal


Place an Ice Cube on Hardened Wax for Quick RemovalS

Sometimes candles drip wax beyond their designated area and said wax hardens on your table. Scraping it off can take some work and leave a residue, but you can avoid all of that trouble with an ice cube and a plastic card.

Instructables user kelleymarie explains what to do:

Place your ice cube directly on top of your hardened wax. If you are worried about water stains as the ice melts, put your ice cube in a ziplock before placing it on top of the wax. Wait two minutes. Remove the ice cube. Take your plastic card, and gently scrape your hardened wax off your wood surface. It should come off within seconds, if it is not replace your ice cube and wait for a longer period of time before trying to scrape up your wax.

This works best on hard surfaces. What should you do if you get wax in the carpet, on a towel, or elsewhere? She’s got a variety of other tips, so check out her full post for more.

How To: Remove Wax Easily | Instructables



Check Out Cubli the Gravity-Defying Cube


The-Cubli-A-Gravity-Defying-Cube-2-600x334It’s a bird… It’s a plane… No it’s Cubli. Have you ever heard of an object that could defy gravity? In what appears to be a device straight out of a science fiction film or Superman, the Cubli is capable of walking and even jumping on its own. Best of all the cube can balance on its corner and control its own fall, thus giving you the impression that it is circumventing the laws of physics and effortlessly hovering in the air!

The gravity-defying cube was invented by a team at the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control in Zurich, Switzerland and you can learn more by watching the video below:


What would you do if you could defy gravity too?

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