For Cruz and Trump, It’s War… Against Liberal Mainstream Media


In the 2005 movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are assassins married to each other without the other knowing about it. The powers that be decided to have them try to kill each other rather than trying to do it themselves. As contrived as the premise was, the movie was entertaining and it’s becoming more relevant in American politics today. For the GOP, there are two strong candidates and the left-leaning mainstream media wants them to go after each other.

The Democrats and their media proxies believe that they can kill two birds with one stone by having the spirited, controversial candidates that sit atop the polls destroy each other before one of them has to face the Democratic candidate. For them, a civil war in the Republican party may be their only chance of winning based upon the weaknesses of their corrupt candidate of choice, Hillary Clinton. Their manipulations are starting to come out more fervently as the Iowa caucuses loom.

It isn’t total destruction that they want, though. They are comfortable with Trump being the nominee and they feel that an attack from Trump against Cruz will accomplish two things:

  1. Weaken both candidates, particularly Trump’s appeal to the conservatives in the Republican party.
  2. Take out Cruz, the candidate they fear more than Trump.

This played out over the weekend and will be a constant drumbeat until the primaries if the two candidates don’t decide to hit the brakes. Watching the news coverage of Trump’s Tweets pointing to future attacks against Cruz reminded me of junior high kids chanting, “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

If the Republican party wants to win the general election, they have to understand that these are the two most likely candidates (though we won’t discount Republican Establishment favorite Marco Rubio just yet) and that uniting to fight the Democrats and their media puppets is a far better strategy than attacking each other. Trump and Cruz are not enemies and they cannot allow the media to manipulate them into becoming anything other than competitors for a prize.

The Democrats are the enemy. Mainstream media is the enemy. Hillary Clinton is the enemy. For the top two GOP candidates, they must rely on their grasp of the issues and the solutions to save America rather than allowing themselves to be manipulated into attacking each other. In many ways, they’re saying pretty much the same things. Trump is more aggressive while Cruz is more detailed. Both have strong perspectives but their core policy proposals are extremely similar. There’s really nothing that they can attack about each other anyway unless they make it personal.

That’s our job. Conservative journalists are picking sides and taking jabs at the opponents while supporting our candidates. As a Cruz supporter, I’ve taken several jabs at Trump, but at the end of the day if he’s the candidate I will support him. However, if they attack each other, they will hurt each other more than the media is doing today.

Unfortunately, Trump is already taking the bait per mainstream media’s plan.

Cruz, hopefully, will not take the bait.

Both Trump and Cruz need to focus on the real enemy: Hillary Clinton. America needs one of them to be President, but if they let the media manipulate them we’ll end up with Rubio losing like Romney and McCain.



Mainstream Media and the Republican Establishment want Trump and Cruz to Fight


When candidates rise in the polls, Donald Trump attacks them. When they attack him, he fights back even harder. There’s been one notable exception – Ted Cruz. Thus far, there has been little more than a couple of minor jabs by either candidate against the other. This may change very soon.

A report from the NY Times attempted to “tattle” on Cruz for remarks he made at a private donor meeting. Then, USA Today antagonized the issue by calling for a coming battle between the two candidates by citing the NY Times story and point out that Trump was gearing up for attacks.

The reality is this: Trump doesn’t want to attack Cruz and Cruz doesn’t want to attack Trump. Long term, they both know they need each other in the general election and it’s becoming clear that the two of them plus Marco Rubio are the most likely GOP candidates. If they can go through the primaries without getting ugly with each other, they’ll both benefit. If one feels like the other must be attacked, then it could get very ugly.

Cruz tried to halt the big war before it started.

This is going to become a focus for mainstream media because they feel like Cruz may be the only person who can take down Trump. For the Republican Establishment, they’re worried about Cruz replacing Trump as the nominee, so they’d like to see Rubio move up to second before going after Trump with their full force.

It’s all a very weird situation, but conservatives should hope that the two man left standing at the end are Trump and Cruz. This is not the election to allow the Republican Establishment to put up another terrible candidate.