Dennis Crowley Really Wants You To Use Foursquare for Local Search


In an Internet Week fireside chat, Dennis Crowley assigned homework to his audience: 1) Download the Swarm app. 2) Try using Foursquare for local search.

Crowley hopes that Foursquare will unseat Yelp and Google as the go-to for local search. Earlier this month, the company announced that it was unbundling two features of its former app: check-ins and discovery. “We’ve heard very, very few negative pieces of feedback,” said Crowley. “A lot of the [changes] has been very well-received.”

The CEO loses less sleep nowadays as the company has expanded and is generating revenue. “I don’t really identify with being an ‘entrepreneur,'” he said. “There are things that we wanted to build and no one else is building them.” Namely, that thing is the invisible app, which Crowley called “the essence” of what Foursquare is doing.

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