We recently met with co – founder Annie Morris at the food professional networking forum Fresh Banter. Here’s what she has to say on their muesli and granola brand Spoon Cereals.


To give us a bit of background, can you explain how Spoon Cereals began?

Spoon Cereals has been built on my slightly weird obsession for healthy muesli and granola.  I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t enjoy a bowl whether it’s first thing in the morning or as an afternoon snack. I struggled to find anywhere on my way to work that had this kind of offering, which is how my idea for the first breakfast cereal pop up bar came about.

You are now pursuing the wholesale route with your bags of granola. How do you differentiate yourselves in such a crowded market?

For us everything comes down to taste. We have taken a home recipe that uses uses high quality, wholesome ingredients including our favourite pure maple syrup, which is what we believe gives our granolas a rich, distinctive taste.

It is also our brand, which we feel stands out from the crowd through it’s clean, contemporary look, and plain speaking tone of voice.

It’s through our pop ups that we have gained a great deal of knowledge about the breakfast market, which is why we want to stay true to our beginnings and continue to explore the ‘fresh’ side to our business.

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Your strapline is “no small talk before breakfast” can you explain this?

I saw this on a print at a graphic design exhibition, which really resonated with me. It sums up how I feel first thing in the morning on my way to work. I’ve never been a morning person and don’t think I ever will be! I’ve always been jealous of ‘early birds’ in this world.

How important is the branding for a start up company like Spoon?

Extremely. Making granola is a fairly simple process and there are hundreds of global cereal brands that we are up against. It is therefore important to not only have a product for people to get excited about but also a brand that makes an impact and triggers an emotional response form your target audience.

For us, a brand is more than just an identity. It’s a lifestyle and a chance to reflect the people who work behind it.  We don’t want to be “just another granola brand”

The next Fresh Banter talk will take place on 24th March as part of the IFE Exhibition at the ExCel Centre www.freshbantergroup.com

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