Feeding the crocodile: After years of appeasement, the media is suddenly outraged by Gawker


Nick Denton apparently thinks of himself as one of “Thatcher’s Children.” If that’s true then the milk-snatching old witch must be looking down on her son today with pride, and maybe a touch of envy.

When Margaret Thatcher decided, in the mid-1980s, to crush Britain’s powerful trade unions, she had to pass laws restricting closed shops, banning sympathy strikes and making it possible to fire picketing workers.  Then, during the miners strike and Rupert Murdock’s union-crushing Wapping dispute, when those laws proved insufficiently cruel, the Prime Minister sent in riot police to beat union protestors with wooden truncheons.

All Nick Denton had to do to crush Gawker’s fledgling union was wait…

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Indian artist highlights massive pothole with a life-sized crocodile




People are thinking of some pretty creative ways to bring attention to their pothole problems.

Baadal Nanjundaswamy, a visual artist from Bangalore, India, decided to use a fake life-sized crocodile on Thursday in order to bring attention to a 12-foot long water-logged pothole, The Indian Express reported.

The pothole had been giving commuters troubles for approximately a month, after a drinking water pipe burst

crocodile -pothole

Image: Manjunath Kiran/AFP/Getty Images

Nanjundaswamy and other locals complained to the proper authorities before pulling the stunt, but it took hundreds of commuters, as well as some press, in order for someone to step in and fill the whole. The BBC reports that just a day later, the pothole was filled. Read more…

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