From one content CEO to another: “What is crap?”


A lot of the conversation at our recent PandoMonthly with the co-CEOs and co-founders of Refinery29 focused on the ten years leading up to this point, with tons of lessons for content entrepreneurs.

But we ended with one timely question: Why was Refinery29 one of the only content companies that hasn’t seen a decrease in traffic from Facebook this year?

And beyond that, how do they feel about betting so much of their future on other platforms that have proven they’re willing to tank companies who do? We also discuss the difference between gaming for easy page views and knowing how to leverage a platform. (I’m still not sure the distinction is as great as they insisted…)

Here’s what they had to say…

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Guy with drone scares the crap out of trespassing kids




Drone enthusiast Stephen Coyle was flying his DJI Phantom 3 near a school in Letterkenny, Ireland when he noticed a few kids up to no good on the school’s roof.

But once the kids noticed the drone they immediately assumed that it was there for them and a hilarious chase ensued.

In the video’s description, Coyle explains that the kids eventually ran into where he was piloting the drone, realized they weren’t in trouble and asked that he put the video on YouTube

[H/T: Reddit]

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