Sunday 21st June – put it in your diaries. And while Mother’s Day is usually the occasion that prompts a flurry of manic flower-and-present buying, then let’s not forget dear old pops. Whether you have loving memories of him pushing you on the swings while you shrieked, falling asleep in front of Formula One after Sunday lunch, or picking you up from school and letting you eat ice cream until you threw up, then show him you care by taking our advice on how to make it a special occasion.


Something to drink: Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel


Nothing says ‘I love you dad’ (and ‘oh, shall we open that now then?’) as a bottle of fine whiskey – especially when that whiskey bottle is hand engraved and is from a specific barrel set aside by the Master Tasting Panel. Enter Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel – a divine, rich and robust drink with notes of toasted oak, vanilla and caramel. When you purchase it from The Whisky Shop then you can choose a personalised message that conveys your admiration for the man who taught you how to eat a large Dominos Meat Feast in one sitting.

What makes it so special? Well, only one of every 100 barrels is elevated to the status of being matured in the highest reaches of its barrelhouses, where a dramatic change in temperature gives the spirit a truly unique taste. Yum.

And, if you feel like you could do with spending some quality time with your pa, here’s the answer – Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel is also offering complimentary tickets to in-store masterclasses this July, giving you the chance to explore the craft of American whiskey (and having a legitimate daytime tipple or two without mother getting too irate).

Tickets can be claimed following purchase of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel at The Whisky Shop online, priced £55.

For more information, visit: www.whiskyshop.com/jd-engraving

Somewhere to eat: Hawksmoor Knightsbridge


If you’re thinking of taking him out for dinner, then why not go full throttle meat, with some style added to the occasion, too. That’s right – when considering prime steaks there’s one restaurant group that the critics rave about, and for good reason too. Hawksmoor use the very best quality produce – be it grass fed native cattle or Great British cheese – and the service is consistently praised as exemplary. The result is a restaurant that continues to wow diners.

The Knightsbridge branch is known for its refined elegance and the glamorous art deco interior – perfect for a special meal out. And, if he’s watching the red meat intake, then never fear – the seafood here is just as praised. The new dish of Singapore style devilled lobster is certainly something to shout about. Tipples? You bet Hawksmoor have this covered. They won the Observer Food Monthly’s ‘Best Place to Drink’ through their prowess with a cocktail shaker and a wine list. So, pretty much the perfect place to take dad, then.

Hawksmoor Knightsbridge website

Somewhere to browse: Royal Selangor


Know you want to get your dad something that extra bit special – but not sure exactly what it is? No fear, because your shopping dreams have been answered with the opening of Royal Selangor on the King’s Road. This beautiful emporium of pewter pieces is the perfect place to head when hunting for the ideal gift for a special occasion.

The new Flagship store is the first in the UK for the luxury pewter specialists, who celebrate their 130th anniversary this year. Their extensive array of fine workmanship includes modern heirlooms such as decanters and hip-flasks, as well as treasured keepsakes and investment pieces (pewter is the fourth most precious metal after gold, silver and platinum, FYI). Well, dad always did say spend your money wisely…

Head down to Royal Selangor and have a wander among the fine cufflinks, artisan tumblers and impressive decanters, and let inspiration strike so you can present dear dad with a beautiful piece of pewter craftsmanship.

Royal Selangor, 261 King’s Road, Chelsea

Written by Rebecca Milford.

BOE Magazine


Daily Dot admits reporter covered Anonymous without disclosing major ties to the group


dellA reporter for tech culture site, The Daily Dot, reported on Anonymous for several months without disclosing his strong ties to the group, Pando has confirmed.

Reporter Dell Cameron has written over a dozen articles involving the hacker collective, including one about how Twitter had shuttered a hugely popular Anonymous account. However, Cameron failed to disclose to readers that, until May of this year, he was responsible for administering that same account, which describes itself as “a [s]ignal boost for Anonymous operations.” At least half a dozen of Cameron’s articles about Anonymous were published prior to the date he claims to have stepped down from running the @YourAnonNews account.

YourAnonNews has attracted over 1.3m followers, making it comfortably the world’s largest Anonymous Twitter account. According to those with knowledge of the account, it is administered and written by a small group of contributors, with new contributors being approved through group discussion.

The account frequently publishes details of Anonymous’ campaigns and occasionally issues statements rebutting media reports on Anonymous.


It was the @YourAnonNews account which threatened Pando over our coverage of Tor, calling Pando writers “scum” and demanding we be “reduced to hobos for life.” That tweet was deleted after Pando received a tip suggesting that at least one contributor to @YourAnonNews may also be a leading Tor developer. Also shortly after the threat against Pando, one of the account’s administrators, Andrew Blake, announced he was resigning, explaining that he had “becoming increasingly aware of drama I shouldn’t/can’t deal wit.” [sic]

Last week I asked The Daily Dot’s Cameron on Twitter if he was responsible for running the Twitter account. He responded “lol no.”


Later adding…


After I revised my question to ask whether he has any connection at all to the account, he changed his answer…



When asked if his editors at the Daily Dot were aware of his involvement with Anonymous he insisted “Whats known by my employers is none of your business”

Bizarrely, he then demanded I apologize for asking whether he was still an administrator of the account and asked me to provide example of how being “a signal boost for Anonymous operations” might compromise his reporting on Anonymous:



However, a spokesperson for the Daily Dot confirmed that Cameron’s involvement with Anonymous  should have been disclosed:

That was a simple editorial oversight and its been updated since then to reflect Dell’s involvement in the past as an admin of the Twitter account @YourAnonNews… [T]hank you for making sure we saw that and took care of it…

The spokesperson included a link to one article that had been updated but, at the time of writing, other Cameron stories mentioning Anonymous still lacked disclosure.

The Daily Dot spokesperson also attempted to draw distinction between Anonymous and the Anonymous twitter account.

@YourAnonNews is not run by the group Anonymous. As I’m sure you know already, there is debate about the group Anonymous’ cooperation/participation with the Twitter account, but that’s not info we have access to since Dell  is not (and never has been) a member of the group Anonymous itself. As you know already, he has had admin access to the Twitter account @YourAnonNews in the past, as do quite a large number of others that we know of/have heard of. But, he is not currently in that role.

That distinction seems to be lost on the members of @YourAnonNews…

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 7.04.46 PM

..and even on Cameron himself. In his own reporting for the Daily Dot, he refers to @YourAnonNews as “the world’s most popular Anonymous Twitter account.”