8 Tips for Successful Coupon Marketing – How to Offer a Downloadable Coupon to Your Online Audience

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How to Offer a Downloadable Coupon to Your Online Audience

Do you remember the days where the only place you could find a coupon was in the newspaper or through a direct mail campaign?

Well times have changed and marketers have discovered that social media is a great place to offer a coupon to their audience.

Not only does social media allow you to reach a wider audience with your coupon marketing, but using a marketing Campaign through a software like ShortStack.com makes it so your coupon is easily downloadable via smartphone, desktop or tablet. And in case you were curious, marketing reports predict that 68% of consumers are using social media to find their coupon deals.

Before you jump into coupon marketing you should research what your audience expects from a digital coupon.

This can be done multiple ways, via surveying your audience or doing a little market research.

We’ll take the hassle out of the latter one for you and here are some stats to think about when planning your coupon marketing.

• 70% of people want coupons for products they normally buy
• Shoppers use, on average, 5.8 methods to discover/acquire coupons

Coupon marketing: how are consumers finding coupon deals

• Coupons influence purchasing decisions more than sales
• Receiving a coupon makes customers feel like a winner

So, are you ready to make your audience feel like winners?

Here are 8 tips for successful coupon marketing!

1. Use a Campaign: When offering a coupon to your audience, use a Facebook app or marketing Campaign in order to host your coupon. Using a Campaign will help you track the traffic you get to your coupon, as well as provides an opportunity to collect an email address from those people who will be downloading your coupon.

2. Consider collecting more data: It’s always a good idea to gate any of your content that you give away. Gating refers to requiring that your audience provides you with something (an email, phone number, address, feedback) in order to receive a valuable resource from you. Coupons are likely to drive a lot of downloads so it’s a great opportunity to grow your email list.

If you’re not interested in growing your list, you could include a simple form asking people if they’ve used your product before or not. This will provide you with insight into whether the majority of your coupon downloads are coming from existing or new clients.

3. Integrate with email: 70% of consumers want their coupons emailed to them. Once coupons are emailed, businesses see a 14% increase in open rate, a 34% increase in unique clicks and a 48% increase in revenue per email sent.

Remember our last tip about collecting more data? Once you have someone’s email address you can regularly update them on specials and discounts that you’re running, resulting in a return customer.

4. Make your coupon easily downloadable: When you use ShortStack.com there are a variety of ways that you can display a coupon. You can use the Action Widget and have the coupon pop-up after someone fills out a form, you can include a download button and have your audience automatically download their coupon, or you can have the coupon appear without requiring any information (like today’s example).

5. Don’t leave out your mobile users: Marketing reports predict that 96% of consumers will use their smartphone in order to search for a digital coupon in 2015.  Unfortunately, only 44.5% of marketers will utilize digital coupons as part of their strategy by the year 2016.

Want to hear the good news? When you use ShortStack.com to run your coupon offer, it is automatically mobile friendly so that your mobile and desktop users can access your coupon.

6. Include your coupon conditions: If people can abuse a good deal, they most likely will! Make sure you include your coupon conditions such as number of times it can be used, the dates it’s valid and any other legal restrictions you need on your coupon.

7. Promote across all of your channels: Unless you’re wanting to offer an exclusive coupon (which is a great idea if you’re wanting to run a social network-specific promotion) you’ll want to use all of your marketing channels to promote your coupon. We also recommend using a landing page versus Facebook to host your coupon. This will assure that all users can access and download your coupon whether they’re on Facebook or not. (Yes there are actually people who are not on Facebook!)

8. Find your discount “sweet spot”: A while back we had a guest post from a woman who managed to grow her email list by a few hundred people overnight. One of her strategies was by offering a 40% discount off her product to everyone who entered her promotion. Although this was a steep discount she figured the payoff would be worth it. Here’s what she learned:

The discount I included was for 40 percent off. I might have only given 10 percent or 15 percent off to any other email list to first test the response for a smaller discount (the smaller the better, right?) but this list was different.

I knew that the people I was emailing were people who like free stuff and heavily discounted stuff (that’s why they browse giveaway listing sites).

The funny thing is my open rate was still really low even though my subject line advertised the steep discount.

It occurred to me that such a deep discount much actually make it look like my candles were cheap and low-quality – which is not the case at all.

In fact at a 40 percent discount I would have been taking a pretty steep hit, but because my candles are so amazing I’m pretty sure the Lifetime Value of a customer will be high so taking a hit on the first order is okay. I expect most people to be repeat purchasers (maybe I’m a little too cocky but my candles are awesome).

I ended up changing the discount to only 20 percent and low and behold my open rate actually increased!

This just goes to show that there is a delicate balance between what you can offer as a discount and how it affects the perceived quality of your product. Basically: don’t sell yourself short… even when dealing with people who love a free/discounted product!

Example of a Downloadable Coupon Offer

Earth Choice Fabric Softener is an organic softener sold by Nature’s Organics. Their coupon offer is available to download without requiring an email address or additional information. Once you click the “Click Here to Download” button the coupon automatically loads so that you can print it out straight from your computer or have it scanned using your mobile device.

How to offer Downloadable Coupon







How To Save Big With Online Coupon Codes


We recently published an article in which we presented five tips on how to save money when shopping online. We wanted to continue that topic by taking a closer look at what has become one of the most popular form of deals on the Internet. I am of course talking about online coupon codes. There are an increasing number of websites that offer the ability to search for the cheapest place to buy a product, but coupon codes can significantly save you even more money.

It is not a myth that you can find incredibly good deals online, and I think any online shopper would benefit from always having a look at the coupon codes offered by quality brands. Sure, there are many companies and brands out there that give online coupons a bad name, but as soon as you start looking at the more established brands you quickly find that they sometimes have coupon codes that will help you save big.

Everyone wants to shop and supplement the things he or she need. Men and women are both inclined towards finding ways they can look good. Their love for style cannot be denied. In fact, many want to spend a lot just to satisfy their cravings for fashion. As you have noticed, there are people, especially those who can afford it, who are willing to spend thousands or even millions just for a watch or a bag. The luxury of those people has become a lifestyle and even though it sometimes is a needle in the eye for the average person, you cannot blame them for wanting to add a little bit of luxury to their life, after all, it is their money.

Shop Online And Satisfy Your Fashion Needs

You can look for online shops that will help you fulfil what you desire. There are many shops that will give you the chance to let your style prevail. If you want to get designer collections but don’t have time to shop personally in their stores or if you are far away from the store location, you can shop online at stores like Nordstrom.

If you are lucky, you can even use Nordstrom coupon codes to pay less for the item that you desire. Compared to buying it in person, you can sometimes save big when you find really good coupon codes. It just doesn’t make any sense anymore to pay the full store retail price for something that you can get a lot cheaper. If we again take Nordstrom coupon codes for example, they can help you save money when buying your regular products, as well as luxury items.

Quality Brands

There are many great online stores that offer coupon codes, but Nordstrom makes available a lot of trusted brands as well as signature brands. This sets them apart from the rest, and their coupon codes are usually great. If you go directly to the source, in this case the luxury brands you desire, you will most likely not find the great price cuts and savings that you would find if you, for example, used a Nordstrom coupon code. It is all about the quantity Nordstrom can sell and therefore cut their prices and offer great deals.

A seasoned shopper knows that sometimes you have to pay a little more to get a better product. Buying the cheapest representation of a product, or as we all know them, a copy, usually only ends with you feeling unsatisfied about your purchase. Usually paying a little more will give you more satisfaction and a longer lasting product, all because of the better quality.

Wide Variety To Choose From

The Internet offers a wide variety of products, and it can sometimes be hard to find the spots that will satisfy your style and wallet. Established brands like Nordstrom offers perhaps the largest collection of products and signature brands. Finding exactly what you need on a website that carries pretty much everything is in itself a way to satisfy your shopping needs.

Discounts is one of the most effective ways for brands and companies to present their products in a more appealing “package.” Shoppers will virtually buy anything as long as it is at a discounted price, and online brands have been quick to adopt this strategy. Nordstrom is perhaps the one that offers the best discounts through their so-called Nordstrom Promo Codes. If you have not heard of it before you should definitely have a look. You can save up to 60% on your purchases, and that is something that I think any online shopper considers a good deal.

When Are They Giving Out Discounts?

Even though the best online coupon codes are offered during holidays and special occasions, coupons are always available and can be found all over the Internet. Nordstrom and other established brands of course offer coupon codes as promotion as well and even though they are not always seasonal they can offer you huge discounts on products that are both high end and signature brands.

Online coupon codes have become an addiction for many online shoppers, and it is easy to understand why when you see how much more you can get for your money if you are quick and have the energy to research. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can even get stuff for free. Who in their right mind would ever say no to something free, right?

Saving Big With Online Coupon Codes

Online Coupon Codes Savers

Online Coupon Codes Savers

Online Coupon Codes Savers


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