Did Political Correctness Allow the San Bernardino Massacre?


In the coming days we will hear about the need for gun control, questions of radicalization, the need for metal detectors and frisking stations everywhere, and other forms of political agendas at play in the wake of the horrific shootings in San Bernardino. One thing that will not get nearly enough attention is the possibility that political correctness prevented a neighbor from reporting suspicious activity in the days leading up to the shooting because she didn’t want to “profile these people because she believed they were of Middle Eastern descent.”

So far, all we have a second-hand account and a few Tweets from reporters. That’s obviously not enough to be considered a credible report, but it’s quite possible that we won’t be able to get a credible report on this issue. It’s not politically correct. It isn’t the narrative that the mainstream media is going to want to report whether it’s true or not.

Racial profiling is a dangerous thing. It can cause harm when abused, but there’s a bigger problem at play. When does the desire to not be seen racially profiling prevent citizens or even law enforcement from acting on their instincts? It’s obviously a delicate situation, but it brings up important questions.

If the neighbor had reported the strange activity, which allegedly includes half a dozen men working late at night and reception of several packages, could the shooting have been stopped?

If it had been people who weren’t of “Middle Eastern descent,” would the neighbor have thought that the activity was suspicious?

Political correctness cannot be allowed to paralyze this nation, but that agenda is already at play. As a rule, if something seems suspicious, report it. We cannot let fear of being called out for racial profiling prevent us from acting on our instincts.



It Really is Going to Be an Election About Political Correctness


The world is apparently being turned upside down. America is at the center of the upheaval and if we dig deeper into the root cause, we can see the rising political movement of political correctness at colleges as the culprit. It’s not, but I’ll get into the real root cause shortly.

At no point do I like to be unseemly with the truth. I’m a big fan of the concept that those who yell the loudest and devolve their arguments to name-calling are doing so because they don’t have the strongest hand in a debate. This time it’s different. I’m so angry that I cannot help but to call many of the students at U.Missouri, Yale, and now Vanderbilt by a bad name. Before I reveal that name, let’s take a look at the lesser of the stories about colleges going bonkers over political correctness.

I’m not going to call the college students protesting against diversity of thought by the common names. Are they “stupid”? No. They’re in college, and while they may be more naive then they realize (weren’t we all at that age?), most of them are not unintelligent.

Are they all “liberals”? No, not necessarily. I know that the higher education system is dramatically tilted with the majority of professors being progressives, but we cannot assume that just because they professors are liberal that all of the students will follow them.

Are they “hatemongers”? No. The word that a lot of them like to use to attack others is a word that is often used against them, but I don’t think that’s appropriate, either. Most of them are angry but I wouldn’t say that they’re hatemongers.

The only appropriate label to place on them that would fit a large majority is that the students using social justice to bring about changes at their university (such as the suspension of a professor who writes about her conservative Christian beliefs) are “programmed”. They are programmed by their technological upbringing. They are programmed to some extent by their professors, but again I don’t think that they’re as easily susceptible to authority figures as generations past. They’re programmed mostly by their piers; it’s just not socially acceptable in many colleges to be Christian, conservative, or both.

They’ve been programmed to believe that conservatism is bigotry and Christians spread hate. They’re programmed to believe that Islam is a religion of peace even though they clearly haven’t read the Koran. They’re programmed to believe that if you don’t stand for gay marriage that you’re discriminating. They’re programmed to believe that things aren’t in perfect harmony on campus that the leaders must be ousted.

Most importantly, they’ve been programmed to believe that their perceptions of free speech only work for speech they believe in. They’ve been programmed to think their views on tolerance don’t translate into tolerating Christianity or conservatism. They’ve been programmed to believe that it’s okay to use divisiveness, hate, and lies if their ends justify the means.

Many of today’s college campuses are more about social programming than education. They’re more about fighting perceived injustices rather than solving the problems that caused the injustices. They’re all about indoctrination into a politically correct world.

Here’s the reality of the situation. Are there bigots who claim to be conservative Christians? Yes. Is racism acceptable under any circumstances? No. Can they find discrimination or bigotry in everyone? Yes, as long as they look in the right places.

Wake Up America

It’s time to wake up to the greatest threat to the future of America. It’s not the economy, though that could turn very bad if the wrong person wins the Presidency. It’s not terrorism, though we must always remain diligent. It’s not immigration, though if we don’t get a handle on it soon it will change America for the worst indefinitely.

The greatest threat to the future of America is political correctness. Before you dismiss the concept, think about it. Marriage equality is about political correctness. The rise of the welfare state is about political correctness. The leaning towards socialism veiled in the “righteous” attempt to take much more from the rich individuals and businesses of the country to empower entitlements is driven by political correctness.

The core problem is not students. It’s not all liberals, believe it or not. It’s not the education system itself. It’s righteous indignation that wrongly manifests itself in the form of political correctness that “fixes” problems on the surface while creating much bigger ones in the long run. Political correctness is the epitome of a political and philosophical version of cutting of one’s nose to spite one’s face.

It’s so easy for individuals, especially the easily programmed youth of our country, to fall into the abyss of political correctness. Not all political correctness is bad and nearly all political correctness seems like a good idea on the surface. The problem is that the current college generation has grown up to be impatient. They are drawn to snap decisions without research or thought because that’s what the world has become for them. It’s more likely that they’ll get their news on a smartphone from a Buzzfeed or Huffington Post blurb rather than digging into the details to find the truth.

This is the first time in decades that the lines have been drawn specifically around political correctness and they generally tend to stay clearly along party lines. All of the Democrats running for President are very politically correct. Most of the Republicans are on the side of political thoughtfulness rather than political correctness.

With all of this understood, we can get to the true, bonafide core of the problem, the one thing that has established political correctness at the center of modern American society in and out of schools. President Barack Obama’s administration is the reason that it’s rising because they promote the concept so eloquently. They make political correctness sound correct. Of course, nobody looks at how the nation has been so divided by this administration, how we’re seeing more violence, protests, and bigotry than we’ve seen in at least two decades, or how the youth is now emboldened in their indoctrination. They don’t get programmed unwillingly. They want to be programmed.

If we don’t get a handle on this very soon, then the injustices that they’re fighting are going to push them towards false solutions that will tear this country apart. They will turn their battle against hate into a battle that fosters hate.