Six Time Management Tips for Corporate-preneurs

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Six Time Management Tips for Corporate-preneurs

Here’s a rhetorical question – Do you ever struggle with finding enough time to run your business and balance your other responsibilities? The to-do list keeps getting longer and we find ourselves overwhelmed to the point of inaction. While the fight against time seems to be a never ending struggle, we must find ways to save our sanity, keep our most important connections, and get things done.

As a follow up to the 5 Ways to Manage your Business while working Full-Time, I wanted to give some time management tips for the Corporate-prenuer who usually has a double-dose of time deficiency.

  1. Be disciplined and laser focused. This means limiting social media and your favorite TV shows. You’ll look up and its three hours later after you’ve found out how little Johnny used the potty for the first time and how much fun your friends had on their vacation. Or if Shonda Rimes will ever free us from the unending love affair of Olivia and Fitz. Meanwhile, you have a pile of work staring you in the face. It’s perfectly fine to check-in on friends; however, be intentional and decide how much time you’ll spend online and watching television.
  1. Make family time high quality. During times of deadlines, projects, and business responsibilities, your family time has to be high quality because of the potential low quantity. Be fully present and have a tradition with your kid(s). My daughters and I each have our own time that we spend with each other on a specific activity. Ask yourself what can you do to increase connection with the people you love? – riding bikes, cooking together, games, etc.   It doesn’t have to be complex. It just has to be dedicated, consistent, and meaningful to the people you love.
  1. Prioritize for success. Multitasking is a myth!   Give yourself a sense of satisfaction by completing a high priority task. Then, the next one…and so on.
  1. Work it on out. Yes, I said exercise. You’ll be surprised at how much more energy and creativity can come from committing to self-care.
  1. Get educated on the road. Use your time in the car to listen to educational audio books and podcasts.
  1. Speak it! Thinking about an e-book, project, or blog post? Use technology to help you be more efficient and capture those thoughts immediately. You can always listen to these recordings when you’re ready to work. If possible, have them transcribe d to lighten your load even more.

Remember to focus on the positive and look at how far you’ve come on your journey. You may not be able to change time, but you can certainly make the most of it.

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Angel WatkinsAbout Angel Watkins:

Angel Watkins is a Certified Project Manager, Business Coach and Consultant.   She is passionate about achieving dreams, living out gifts and reaching the goals that God has set for her and the people she encounters in life.   Her purpose is to assist others on the journey of building their businesses by being a reliable business partner and strategist.  Are you ready to take your Leap OF Faith?, Connect with Angel to begin the journey.

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