Take a bite from the life of Deepti Dadlani, Director of Marketing & Communications at the Palladium Hotel. She is also a food consultant, writer, restaurant dreamer, lover of all things pig, grain, beet & pudding. 

6:45am I am a complete snoozer – in spite of having read that snoozing messes with your sleep cycle, but then again ‘waking up naturally’ has never been my life’s mission. After 15 minutes of heavy-duty snoozing I wake to John Lennon singing ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ to me. I spend the next 20 minutes reading emails that may have accumulated through the night – unread emails are my nemesis.

NOW my day starts – off I head to the kitchen to sip, (through a straw since I cherish the enamel on my teeth), warm water with lemon followed by 5 walnuts and almonds, mixed with a spoonful of chia seeds and sunflower seeds – how else do you expect a girl to get all that Omega 3 and Fibre?

7:30am I’m at my dining table with a glass of veggie juice, (yes, I belong to the Drink-Your-Vegetables-Eat-Your-Fruit School), made with spinach, neem, amla (Indian gooseberries), more chia seeds and wheatgrass. I make it a point to eat a bowl of yoghurt made from skimmed milk, it’s my daily bowl of probiotics, and a large bowl of papaya.

My breakfast is generally accompanied by the newspaper, which I usual pretty much scan through. Confession time: my order of reading the paper is entertainment, sports, international news, headlines.


8:15am On my way to work. I am a complete nutcase about food blogs and cherish my NEXTDRAFT subscription.  I love this newsletter as it eases the pressure and simply recommends 15 popular, trending articles. I recommend it to anyone who is like me and needs to keep abreast with international trends and news, but finds it difficult to read the New York Times, Huffington Post and similar papers on a daily basis. I read about 25 blog posts, newsletters and international trending snippets of news everyday! I am a complete ‘nut job’ – it gives me an ulcer just the thought of not knowing the day’s trending news.

9:00am I’m usually at my desk around this time. Once I pop my multivitamins I’m ready to unleash some fabulousness.

10:00am By this time I have been awake 3.5 hours and it’s time to give in to my biggest vice: Caffeine. One large mug of Americano along with a thick jam sandwich (who would’ve guessed, given my early morning mindful routine).

12:30pm The sporadic reading of food blogs has got me hungry and out comes my secret stash of dark chocolate or mixed nuts: walnuts, almonds and pinenuts. A handful of these and I am good to go ‘til lunch.

14:00pm I usually have lunch with the rest of my team. The cafeteria over at the Hotel has some clean and healthy home-style food. I usually stick to salad leaves that form the base of my plate, followed by a handful of vegetables, curd, chicken for protein, fruit and (I can’t lie), on most days a bowl of sweet rice pudding or halwa (Indian sweet). I can skip on the starch and the carbs but not the sugar.

15:30pm On most days this is the time I would get another cup of coffee to help me get through the 4 meetings I have left. Having completed a zillion reviews, reports and emails I would step out for a quick round of the Hotel.

18:00pm If it’s one of those good days I would head up to FoodHall and pick up some hummus and lavash (thin Armenian flatbread) or leafy salad, and pair it with my third and final cup of coffee. That’s when the guilt sets in – too much caffeine has been consumed. How am I going to sleep? Am I an owl?

19:30pm At this point in time I start to plan for the next day. Chart out my meetings, plans, reviews and executions for the next day, and acknowledge the tiny part at the back of my head that’s reminding me to get into gym mode. To prepare, I army through a delicious homemade protein bar with flax seeds, whey, cranberries and acai powder.


20:15pm Head up to the gym for 20 minutes interval cardio session and 35 minutes weight training session. I dream of sculpted biceps, triceps and ABS!

21:15pm When I’m packed up and on my way home I complete my third litre of water. I continue to read news snippets – always amazed, always sharing with the world (love social media).

21:45pm Dinner on weekdays is with the family and includes Indian food: lentils, spiced vegetables, tandoori fish, curd and salad. I skip on the starch and carbs with no regrets. A glass of wine is the only beverage that accompanies my meal. I have never taken to aerated drinks or packaged fruit juices.

22:30pm A cup of either clear lemongrass or chamomile tea accompanies me as I sit back and relax, along with a small slab of 70% dark chocolate (Bean to Bar being my favourite). I catch up on a quick episode of some seriously gory TV, my current favourite is The Knick.

23:30pm I spend 20 minutes procrastinating on how I am not doing enough and how wonderful life would’ve been if there were 48 hours in a day.

00:30am Midnight snack of dried fruits or candied dry fruits loaded with Vitamin C while I listen to music and harness my creativity. I get my best ideas between 0030 am and 01:30 am

01:30am Off to bed thinking of either the next food-travel holiday or living the beach life.
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