Conway’s political advisor: It’s Ron’s constitutional responsibility to tell tech CEOs how to vote


Yesterday I published a mass email sent by Ron Conway, in which the angel investor asked portfolio CEOs to tell their employees how to vote in SF’s upcoming municipal election.  

The email was fascinating but still left plenty of unanswered questions, not least because Conway didn’t explain why he wanted his tens of thousands of portfolio employees to vote a particular way. Also unclear was whether Conway appreciated the implications of a wealthy investor attempting to sway a city ballot using his network of investments.

Then, late yesterday afternoon, I received a response from Alex Tourk, previously a staffer for ex-mayor Gavin Newsom, and now Conway’s “political advisor”.

Tourk told me:

Ron is exercising his constitutional right – even responsibility – to participate in the political process of his hometown and have opinions about candidates and issues on the ballot. It’s no different from any other CEO or union or high profile individual making endorsements…

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