Typeeto Connects Your Mac's Keyboard to iOS, Android, Game Consoles, and More


Mac: Typing on just about every device that isn’t an actual keyboard kind of sucks, but Typeeto is a simple little Mac app that allows you to easily connect your Mac’s keyboard to just about any device that uses Bluetooth.

Typeeto essentially turns your Mac’s keyboard into a Bluetooth keyboard, then the app makes it dead simple to switch between devices. If you’re already using a Bluetooth keyboard, it’ll just make it easier to switch between devices. So, if you’re typing on your computer, you can tap a keyboard shortcut, then start typing on your PS4, then tap a shortcut again to return to your computer. As best as I can tell, you can connect an unlimited number of devices and switch between them easily, which makes it a handy little utility to have around if you ever find yourself occasionally wishing for a full-size keyboard on any of your devices, but don’t want to buy a special keyboard to do so.

Typeeto ($ 4.99) | Mac App Store



Beenger Is The New, Wacky Mobile App That Connects Us All Through Laughter

Beenger Is The New, Wacky Mobile App That Connects Us All Through Laughter

Beenger Is The New, Wacky Mobile App That Connects Us All Through Laughter


There is no doubt social networks and self-created content has taken the world by storm. Thousands of products and services are trying to be the next Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. At the root of every social network is the word itself, “social.”

These networks connect us to each other, and many of them are entirely different than what we knew social networks to be. Snapchat, for example, established itself on the fact that photos and vides you send to friends disappear. It has evolved a bit since its inception, but at the heart of it, some brands today are spending millions of dollars to create content that goes away 24 hours later. Amazing.

Let’s take a step back and discuss what makes a social network. First off, it must be open to a large audience, secondly it must allow the audience to interact. The more successful social networks are ones, which are built for niche, for example LinkedIn for the professional world; Twitter lets people share thoughts in seconds, Instagram for sharing images and so forth.

While some of these are great, it feels like the world is getting flooded with networks trying to grab our attention and snag us away from the big players.
To really make it you must step outside the box and give users something new, something they haven’t yet seen which lets them interact in ways they are not already doing so.

Beenger is a mobile app (iOS and Android), which has made it a mission to be the social network for fun and for letting loose. Users are quickly immersed in mad content of people doing very weird things, which at first glance feels like total chaos, and then it hits you. Each photo or video is created by users who have been sent a challenge from other users. For example make a baby laugh, make your dog cry, and thousands of others.

It is in fact a social network, which bases itself as a way for people to challenge each other and watch other people’s challenges, it seems very simple at a glance but when you get into the guts of it you understand this network is different, it not only plays on our need to be social as humans but also on our need to get validation, to succeed and to let out our urges.

Is Beenger the next Facebook, Twitter, Vine or LinkedIn? No, but it’s not trying to be, it doesn’t want you to come by and poke, read the news, or say heelo to a friend. It wants you to laugh, and laugh hard, to unwind and help others do the same.


“Laughter can cure anything, it can save a bad day, it can help smooth fights with friends and it can bring people together. Beenger was started by a group of friends who wanted a way to deepen interactions away from the screen, and that’s exactly what we have created” Maayan Yazdi Co founder and CEO of the Elegant Monkeys, inventors of the Beenger network.

So what is your next social network going to be?

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