Vlog Confessional: The hustle never comes free of charge


The Cubicle Chick 2015If you aren’t a subscriber of my WORK IT! Entrepreneurial and Career eNewsletter, (click here to subscribe) then you may have missed out on an email from me that discussed how I viewed my 2014. After being so wrapped up in trying to complete goals not yet accomplished, I forgot to pat myself on the back for achieving one crucial goal that was number one on my list.

In 2014, I pledged to do more for ME. After working over the last three plus years growing my blog and traveling for my blog and attending conferences for my blog and doing appearances for my blog, I wanted to spend more time with family and loved ones and going off the grid a bit to partake in some indulgence of ME. While looking back on my year, I’ve been spending plenty of time looking at the things that I didn’t do. And in doing so, got back to the beginning of where it all started.

I truly spent time this year fostering my personal life—and I don’t regret it one bit.

I lost some. I’m not on all of the “hot blogger” lists this year. I didn’t speak at one conference this year. My traffic grew slightly, but not at the rate I was used to. I didn’t apply for many campaigns, or pitch myself at all this year. I just sat back in the cut and worked on being the best I could be personally. I traveled for non business purposes often—I treated myself to spa trips. I was hardly on Facebook talking about my accomplishments because there weren’t many.

But even if I’ve lost, I feel I’ve won.

Check out my vlog confessional for a breakdown (feed readers and email subscribers, click here to view). It’s 4 minutes and some change of me being completely real and honest about my 2014. And 2015 is shaping up to be pretty good. I sat this year out, but let me assure you that I will be back with a vengeance in the upcoming year.

We can get caught up in the wrong things. I, for one, have been guilty of that. 2014 was all about enjoying some of the fruits of my labor. And I am just getting started.

The Cubicle Chick