The Ultimate To-Do List App Comparison Chart Compares the Most Popular Productivity Apps


The Ultimate To-Do List App Comparison Chart Compares the Most Popular Productivity Apps

To-do list apps are the cornerstone of a productivity system meant for the digital worker. But which app you should use is subjective. The crowd-sourced to-do list app comparison chart can steer you to the right app for you.

The free Google spreadsheet has 108 different parameters as of writing, and compares 15 different apps. From specific features like audio notes and audio transcription, to larger things like Google Calendar support or HTTPS encryption, if you have a question about a to-do app’s features, it’s probably covered here.

If you need a smaller number of choices, our list of the five best to-do list managers is where to start. Compare those on the chart for specific needs, if you have any.


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ToDo List App Comparison | Google Sheets



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