Records from the Commonwealth Games [Infographic]


The Commonwealth Games is a multi-sport event involving athletes from the Commonwealth of nations. The games 1st took place in 1930 and have taken place every 4 years since then besides 1942 and 1946 which were cancelled because of World War 2. Over the decades there have been many records set including a number of World Records.

There are a wide range of different sports which are approved by the Commonwealth Games Federation and some of the main categories are mens running, womens running, high jump, pole vault, throwing events, long jump and triple jump.

This years Commonwealth Games have taken place in Glasgow and because the signage company called IVC Signs are the official signage supplier for the games they have put together this handy infographic which displays the records that have been set since the event began.

The infographic portrays fun illustrations for the sport being discussed and gives details about who set each record, the record, the year it was set and the stadium where it was set.

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Infographic by IVC Signs

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