Truecaller Launches Truemessenger SMS App to Combat Mobile Spam


Truecaller has announced the global launch of its Truemessenger app on Android devices. The app replaces the user’s default text messaging app, and works to identify unknown numbers and filter mobile spam messages.

Truemessenger is integrated with Truecaller and its network of 1.7 billion global numbers and 150 million community members. When users receive text messages, even from users outside of their address book, the app will work to identify them. Truemessenger pulls information and content from social networks and automatically assigns photos, nicknames and ‘other contact information’ to these incoming texts.

Users can assign their own spam filters to messages using things like spam keywords or area or country codes. Spam messages are filtered to the separate spam inbox or are blocked altogether, and users can report spam messages to help the entire community by flagging these numbers.

In a statement, Alan Mamedi, CEO and co-founder of Truecaller, commented:

We are in the middle of the Wild West in terms of spam messages we receive on our mobile phone, and despite the evolution of services in other areas, little has been done to curb the number of spam messages we receive on a daily basis. With Truemessenger’s global rollout, we’re bringing you the combined power of our global community with information from your own personal networks so you’ll never again have to worry about anonymous numbers.

Truemessenger is available to download for free on Google Play.

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How Twitter Plans to Combat ISIS


ISIS Twitter

Earlier this year Twitter tripled its “tweet threat” team to combat terroristic accounts and tweets posted on its social media site. It won’t reveal just how many workers it has dedicated full-time to the effort but the focus has been raised every since ISIS threatened Twitter’s Co-founder, Jack Dorsey back in March of this year for blocking terror-related accounts.

Twitter “needs to do more in setting up teams to troll, monitor and review all terrorist-related tweets and content. It needs to build up its budget for these teams and let these teams grow even bigger,” told Fox Business News in a recent interview.

Twitter tripled its “tweet threat” team to combat terroristic accounts and tweets

Social media is a large part of how ISIS is able to spread their message to followers. Earlier this week, Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton said ISIS should be banned from Twitter and the Internet. “We have got to shut down their internet presence, which is posing the principal threat to us,” the former U.S. secretary of state said.

Twitter continues to monitor its social network for signs of concern but is not held to any laws or regulations that require them to. By increasing their tweet threat team they are making a statement that they understand the power of their network and want to play an active role in policing the content that is posted.

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