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CollegeHumor, Facebook Likes, And A Stuffed Banana With Dreadlocks


The story of Henry Gribbohm, a 30-year-old New Hampshire man who lost his life savings of $ 2,600 on a carnival game, walking away with only a stuffed banana with dreadlocks, went viral earlier this week, and CollegeHumor was quick with a response.

CollegeHumor launched a campaign to get Facebook users to like its post on the story, saying that if the post gets 26,000 likes, the humor site will buy the stuffed banana from Gribbohm for $ 2,600, and if it tops 30,000, CollegeHumor will kick in the Xbox Kinect he was originally trying to win.

Readers: Did Gribbohm’s story make it into your News Feeds this week?

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CollegeHumor Offers $2,600 to Buy Banana From Man Who Lost Life Savings




Henry Gribbohm, the New Hampshire man who lost $ 2,600 in life savings at a carnival game only to score a stuffed banana as consolation, may see his luck turn around.

Comedy site CollegeHumor launched a Facebook campaign Tuesday to buy back Gribbohm’s banana — which sports a beanie and dreadlocks — for the full $ 2,600. Gribbohm lost what he claims to be his life savings over the weekend on a carnival game called Tubs of Fun.

For every Facebook Like that this CollegeHumor post gets, the site will put $ 0.10 towards purchasing the banana. If the post reaches 26,000 Likes, CollegeHumor will offer $ 2,600. If it gets 30,000 likes, the site will buy the stuffed fruit, as well as pay for the Xbox Kinect that Gribbohm was originally trying to win for his kids at the carnival Read more…

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