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shutterstock_139911667My grandniece is four and she and I were talking about her future. (Just kidding. I was thinking about her future in her presence.) In case I’m not around to give her advice when she might be willing to listen I decided to write it down now.

With over thirty years as an executive coach which has enabled me to be around some highly successful-in-life people I found some simple truths that will help in her personal life as well as work-life.

1.It’s easier to make a living then find someone to do it for you. Do not partner up (or marry) anyone for money, power, or position in society. It’s easier, longer lasting, and means more to you if you earn it for yourself.

2.Marry only if the person makes you laugh every day and helps you get better in whatever you want to get better in. With that kind of supportive partner you won’t need or look for approval from any other source. Give it back to your partner, similarly.

3.Be wise to be happy. Foolish and dumb people aren’t happy. So get to know yourself. Know humanity. Understand basic human psychology. Appreciate that life is not always fair, clean, happy, or fun — but it beats the alternative.

4.Find something you love to do and then get really, really, really good at it. You can always find a way to make a living doing most anything if you work hard to truly excel in it.

By the time she’s ready to hear it my list might be longer but I think this will serve her — and your — loved ones well for now.

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8 Basic SEO Tactics to Drive Your Small Business [Infographic]


Optimizing our organic search and refining our SEO craft is something we’re always practicing as digital marketers and small business owners. Especially when you consider how competitive—and expensive—paid search is getting.

You don’t want to pay Google for every click to your website, so you’re doing the right thing by trying to optimize your organic search and drive traffic that way.

Because we’re all at the mercy of Google and the other search engines out there, very rarely are there SEO tactics that are black and white, but when it comes to the basics of getting your small business off the ground and getting seen in the search results, it’s actually, dare I say, fairly easy.

So what are some of the most important strategies you should work on right away?

Start with the framework of the website itself first, and making sure that it’s mobile-friendly, meaning mobile optimized, or even better, responsive. A mobile responsive website scales to fit any device a user is accessing the site from, whether it be a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Mobile is all the more important now that Google launched its “mobilegeddon” algorithm update in Spring 2015, which essentially moves your website down in the organic rankings if your site didn’t provide a great mobile user experience for the searcher. 

Also, focus on your content. As you may or may not already know, because of Google’s algorithms and updates, organic rankings are largely driven by the amount of quality content you’re putting out, whether it be via blogs, white papers, case studies, as seen as No. 4 in the infographic. Google wants to see that you’re educating the searcher with informative content, so the more content you can post to your site, the better. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the content needs to be quality. 

Another main area to focus your efforts on is your local search, and more importantly, your Google My Business (also known as Google+) profile. Make sure that your address is correct and that you have it verified by Google—either via postcard or phone call—so that your business is eligible to be shown in map and local search results. Google, and other search engines, knowing exactly where your business is located can do wonders for your local search.

Check out the rest of the basic SEO tactics to drive your small business below.

8 Basic SEO Tactics to Drive Your Small Business

Infographic via Result Driven SEO (h/t Website Magazine)

Thumbnail image via Shutterstock

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