PeopleBrowsr Acquires Empire Avenue, and Launches New Network

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 PeopleBrowsr Acquires Empire Avenue, and Launches New Network

The integration of the EmpireAvenue platform

On the occasion of the # INBOUND15 conference, organized by HubSpot in Boston from 8 to 11 September, PeopleBrowsr took the social media marketing world by surprise, announcing the acquisition of Empire Avenue and the launch of a new platform that brings together TOP influencers.

The new platform will integrate social gaming applications and the virtual stock market game, Empire Avenue. It’s currently only available by invitation only and will give greater emphasis to social media influencers and become the hub of online influence.

Acquired in spring 2014, the platform has quietly become Empire Kred Pty Ltd (¨Empire.Kred¨). The merge of PeopleBrowr/Kred represents a logical response to the acquisition of Klout by Lithium few weeks earlier.

A visual approach best suited to mobile users


In its new version, Empire.Kred offers a more visual graphical approach than its earlier form. This new version is better adapted to mobile users, with bigger images of the influencer’s profile. The larger presentation of the various sections allows for a quick look at statistics, graphs, the social scores of the influencers, and it ‘s easier to follow the virtual actions of leaders.

Empire.Kred retains its original purpose and essentially remains a social gaming platform based on a virtual stock market. One can purchase shares in influencers stock. Like the stock market, the value of shares, and dividends collected fluctuates with the volume of sales/purchases by users. The social influencers score is calculated based on their activities on social networks (up to 8 platforms, including a blog), and will consider their overall Kred score.

For professionals and companies, the platform will continue to offer options (paid and free), to boost the equity in their portfolios, collecting bonus points and Eaves (virtual currency). In particular, completing the missions proposed by users for discovering influencers and content worthy of interest.

Although Empire.Kred remains a social game, its integration to the new platform and its new look will surely gain user interest, and will relaunch the debate on the value of social influencers.

The new platform influencers

In addition to integrating Empire.Kred activities, the new platform announced, in the White Paper published by PeopleBrowsr, that it will showcase influencers by giving them more space. Its objective is clearly to become the new ¨Home of Influence Online¨.

PeopleBrowsr, based in San Francisco, took the time to gradually incorporate changes to Empire.Kred before launching its new platform as part of the event, INBOUND15. It will continue to provide a score based on the level of influence and outreach of the influencers. The influence score is always calculated on the basis of 1000 points and assessed the relevance of content and amplification of the influencers messages on Twitter and Facebook. While outreach is evaluated on 12 points according to their generosity and their commitment to their community.

In presenting its new version of Kred, and integrating its score to social gaming social activities Empire.Kred, PeopleBrowsr is being transparent with its algorithm. With the Kred score, users can find out exactly how their influence score may fluctuate, and how their scope is calculated. So professionals and organizations can better understand how they can improve their own position.

Kred Identity

With the new platform, TOP Kred influencers (which display a score of over 800 points) will now have an exclusive page (Kred Identity), with a personalized URL. Their personalized page will include: their detailed bio, a complete history of their activities on social networks with links to each of their profiles, analysis of their overall score, and the 5 sectors in which they are most active. In addition, they will be invited to participate in a new exclusive network (Kred Network), designed to help them exchange tips and content.

In addition, the new platform will integrate professional services (fee) that help professionals and businesses to further spread their influence using the marketing automation tool from HubSpot, the infrastructure system for social enterprise SocialOS, and Slack, a sharing solution.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks

At the time of this writing, I eagerly await my invitation to test the new platform and new applications. But the changes announced in the Kred Influencer Whitepaper published by PeopleBrowsr are very promising, and the new, more visual look of Empire.Kred is an significant improvement. They also suggest lists of TOP Influencers in 10 sectors: Technology, Entertainment, Writing, Business, Culture, Style and Hobby. Promising, as I said.

Follow this column in the coming weeks for a more detailed review of the new Kred’s platform, and its new affiliate applications. While waiting, share your own experience and comments with our readers.

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