6 Reasons Hospitality Marketers Should Attend the Social Tools Summit

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6 Reasons Hospitality Marketers Should Attend the Social Tools Summit

I’m looking forward to being apart of the second Social Tools Summit later this month in San Francisco!

The first one in Boston was a huge success and set a high bar in terms of how to incorporate social media into your hotel events.

There are a few qualities about this event that set it apart from others. First, there’s a single track, so no stress about picking which concurrent sessions you’ll attend at a specific time.

While the first summit in Boston was a single-day event, this follow-up event elaborates on key topics even further by expanding into two, full, single-track days.

Additionally, the event is focused primarily on tools, keeping a narrow scope on social media marketing. The single track features a combination of product experts and speakers from big brands, small brands, and “trenders” who are individuals that work in the social media trenches.

There are a variety of benefits restaurant and hotel marketers can attain by attending the Social Tools Summit.

Here are a few key reasons:

Focus on Enterprise Marketing

As most hotels brands fall under the enterprise umbrella, so enterprise-focused topics are especially beneficial.

For example, the “Enterprise Social Media Management Is a Big Enterprise” session will cover how enterprise social media management platforms are quickly becoming an all-in-one tool that is a necessary investment for large companies.

Experts will discuss various enterprise social media management platforms as well as the technology and what is the best way to utilize them.

A Look at How to Build Brand Advocates

Any hospitality-focused company has stressed emphasis on customer service and creating unique, memorable experiences.

A session on how to use fans and employees to build a social advocacy program will cover how to activate such a plan.

Attendees will be able to learn about the advantages of using an advocacy platform to help exponentially leverage the voice of those that are already supporting you: your fans and employees.

Tips on How to Measure ROI

One of the questions I most commonly get asked is how and what to measure in social media. For hotels, specifically, ROI is measured by the number of “heads in beds” – i.e. how many hotel rooms are booked (or groups booked, etc)?

The session on analyzing the value of your social media program will showcase how social tools help marketers glean insight as to the business value of our social media activities.

A social media analytics and intelligence tool is essential to identifying deeper insights into your presence, your customers, your competition, your content, and ultimately your ROI, and attendees can learn from experts how the secret tools of social business intelligence can help you measure, integrate, and analyze.

Content is King!

Content is an essential component of virtually every aspect of marketing, especially social media marketing. Every social media program relies on content, but how do you crowdsource, source, curate, organize, publish, repurpose, analyze, and measure your content marketing efforts?

After the networking breakfast, Day 2 of the Social Tools Summit’s programming will kick off with content marketing and content curation experts conveying how to better understand ways to leverage content platforms to ensure you publish higher quality and engaging content for your brand in less time.

Influencing the Influencers

Influencer marketing is prominent among travel brands as travel is such a visual entity and travel blogging is one of the largest niche fields. But how do you go about find the right influencers, and how do you develop relationships with them?

Influencer marketing is recognized as a powerful way to tap into communities and extend the reach of brands through help of those with powerful social media presences.

This session on influencing influencers through influencer marketing (say that three times fast!) will assess how tools can help as part of the process of identifying, engaging, recruiting, and analyzing the ROI of your influencer marketing program.

The Changing Dynamics of B2B Social Selling

Most social media efforts for hotels focus on the leisure market, but a large chunk of business for hotels comes from booking group business, and that’s where B2B marketing comes in.

Multiple data points already suggest that sales people that use social media as part of their sales process outperform those that don’t.

Social selling has altered the landscape of B2B selling, and the session about Social Selling will cover some pertinent issues surrounding this topic by looking at a wide range of solutions that will help B2B salespople become better at Social Selling.

Learn all about how to maximize the use of your sales team’s time and make it easy for them to incorporate social selling into their sales toolbox.

These are only a few of the takeaways hospitality marketers will be able to take from the Social Tools Summit.

Check out the full agenda at www.SocialToolsSummit.com and feel free to use my code DEBBIE100SOCIAL to save $ 100 should you wish to go.

You will be in good hands joining social media gurus from top brands such as Adobe, LinkedIn, Cisco, Walmart, Cox Communications, Cathay Pacific Airways, and many others.

The last summit in Boston was sold-out and was trending world-wide with 80 million impressions, so if you can’t attend, be sure to follow the hashtag #SocialTools15 on October 27 and 28!

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55 Reasons to Attend #NMX 2016


I receive email every day from people who are interested in attending NMX, but want to be it’s the conference for them. With so many conferences to attend each year, it’s important to find the right fit. And who can blame them? Conferences are an investment and it’s important to make sure you’re putting your money where it counts.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 2.01.02 PM

So why should you attend NMX? Let me count the ways!

  • NMX is the first and ONLY event for ALL new media content creators: NMX has been inspiring content creators since 2007. We started out then as “BlogWorld” but evolved because we know there’s more to online content then blogging. There’s also video, podcasting, writing and photography. So while there are blogging, podcasting, and video related conferences you can go, NMX is the only conference that brings all the platforms together in one wonderful community.
  • NMX is more about creativity and collaboration than it is influence and numbers: The NMX is community more impressed by people who are doing innovative things on their content platforms then they are with follower counts and Klout scores. NMX speakers are peers, not “influencers” so attendees are never made to feel as if anyone is above them. “Do you know who I am?” has no place at NMX.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 2.02.51 PM

  • NMX speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and attendees have all gone on to do great things: Many startups launched on the NMX exhibit floor and many of the speakers and notable content creators who are well known now, received their big break at NMX or BlogWorld. Nothing makes us happier than to see the members of our community succeed. Are you next?
  • NMX is welcoming to brand new speakers: It doesn’t matter if no one has heard of you. If you’re smart, passionate, and well spoken we’ll consider you as a speaker at NMX.
  • NMX is co-located with NABShow: Mingle with 100,000 content creators and browse 1,000 booths on the expo floor!  In 2016, NMX is a conference within a conference giving you the opportunity to meet and network with many more people.
  • We keep costs down so NMX is affordable: We’re often asked why we don’t serve breakfast and lunch, or how come we don’t have fireworks, giant gift baskets, movie star keynotes,  and parties in museums or golf courses. We don’t do that stuff because it costs a lot of money. It’s more important to us that our core community can afford to attend, rather than price them out of our event so we can turn a profit.
  • NMX speakers share tips you can use right now: When you attend an educational session at NMX, you will leave ready to take action. We don’t look for motivational speakers, we look for teachers so you learn.
  • The NMX 2016 Attendee networking group: All who register to attend NMX 2016 have access to the private NMX 2016 networking group on Facebook.
  • NMX VIP ticket holders can take advantage of priority seating: All VIP pass holders can sit in the front couple of rows for all keynotes and events.
  • The 1st Annual Blogger Ball: In 2016 we’re hosting a gala event for content creators. (More details soon.)

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 2.20.53 PM

  • The Podcast Awards: One of NMX’s signature red carpet events, the 11th Annual Podcast Awards recognizes the top podcasters in their respective niches as voted on by fans and peers.
  • The IAWTV Awards: The “Academy Awards” for those who create video series for the web.
  • The Virtual Ticket: With so many sessions going on at the same time, you can’t possibly see them all! The Virtual Ticket allows attendees and non- attendees to listen to audio of NMX sessions from the comfort of their own home.
  • Parties and Mixers: From networking snack breaks on the Expo floor to red carpet event after parties, to evening mixers so attendees can let their hair down and get to know each other better, NMX offers many opportunities to mingle.
  • Learn how to succeed on all content platforms:  Sessions are of interest to podcasters, bloggers, and video producers. So if you ever wanted to cross the platforms and expand your content base, you will leave NMX with the tools to do so.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 2.11.40 PM

  • NMX attendees are passionate: It’s not unheard of to see a group of NMX attendees standing in the hallway geeking out about plugins or the proper wording for a newsletter. Everyone is so passionate about content creation they can spend hours talking about the same things you enjoy.
  • Vegas, baby! The food! The flash! The fun! Las Vegas offers something for everyone. Just don’t stay up too late! You don’t want to miss any of our great sessions or keynotes.
  • Sessions focus on earning money from your own platform: We understand that many members of the NMX community want to earn money from their own content platform rather than working for someone else. That’s why we provide sessions to help you succeed as a content creator and entrepreneur.
  • Sessions also share tips for content creators who are also independent contractors: If you create content for others, we also have you covered. NMX offers sessions focusing on professionalism, strategy, and the tools you need to make your career work.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 2.09.44 PM

  • NMX is a casual conference: We’re not suit and tie or business casual. Now, that doesn’t mean that NMX attendees don’t present themselves in a positive light, because they do. However, we understand that creative people have their own sense of style, and that’s just fine by us!
  • The NMX Expo floor! Exhibitors have the opportunity to share with 100,000 content creators on the NMX Expo floor. Whether you have some great tools for bloggers, set up shop in podcast alley, or you’re part of a new startup that content creators need to know about, you’ll find the NMX expo floor, with accompanying New Media Lounge, to be a cost effective way to meet the right kinds of people.
  • Meet people beyond your niche and platform: Bloggers mingle with podcasters! Podcasters mingle with bloggers! And all mingle with video creators. Why? Because content spans the platforms now. If you ever wanted to add a podcast to your blog or create content to promote your video channel, NMX is the only place where you will find sessions catering to all three individual platforms.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 2.08.49 PM

  • Speed Networking: Meet the brands that want to meet the content creators! When you sign up for speed networking, you set up meetings with brands for mini interviews.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 2.13.15 PM

  • Networking opportunities abound: Have we talked about the networking yet? We have? Well, it doesn’t hurt to mention it again. Our casual atmosphere leads to great conversation. Many important collaborations formed at NMX and that makes us very proud.
  • Meet up with old friends: The loyal NMX community comes back every year, not only to learn and network but to meet friends as well. Many of the people you see at NMX are folks you only speak to online. How is great is it to be able to continue those conversations in person?
  • Make new friends: Every year new friends attend NMX giving you the opportunity to make more important connections and meet new like-minded people whose company you enjoy.
  • Learn something new: Step out of your comfort zone and find a new passion. Learn how to take photos or edit video. Visit the virtual reality truck. Stop by the WordPress booth. Check out the drone pavilion! NMX offers so many opportunity to try something new.
  • Return home refreshed, recharged, and ready to take your content to the next level: Nothing inspires like spending four days with creative people. After you attend NMX, you go home with all sorts of new ideas to try. Our attendees tell us they can’t wet to get home and put what they learned into action.
  • Market yourself as a professional content creator and meet potential clients and employers: At NMX and NABShow, you’ll meet people who hire content creators just like you.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 2.21.21 PM

  • The potential to reach 100,000 content creators: Because of our co-location with NABShow, you have access to broadcasters, journalists, photographers, freelance writers, television producers, authors, and others who create both online and offline content.
  • Discussions with other content creators: Whether you’re in the New Media Lounge, parties, the hallways, or just at a quiet dinner with some new, awesome people, you’ll have the opportunity to sit and discuss content with like-minded people.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 2.18.15 PM

  • The NMX New Media Lounge: The New Media Lounge, located on the NMX Expo Floor, offers a place for you to work, relax, or even record a podcast or video.
  • There is no selling from the stage: NMX speakers aren’t allowed to sell from the stage so they won’t push their latest webinar or book on you. We find when we take away the sales element, everyone is more focused on teaching.
  • Learn about industry trends: What is the future of online content creation and your chosen platforms? What’s the next big thing? We discuss this in depth at NMX.
  • New ideas for content: You’ll want to take notes while at NMX because there are so many things happening that you’ll want to talk about with your own online communities.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 2.06.01 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 2.07.32 PM

  • You’re not distracted with sessions and events that don’t apply to you: Because NMX has only one focus – content creation – your focus isn’t drawn away by things that don’t apply to you. Even a blogger who sits in on a video session will take away important ideas. It’s more important to us to be focused rather than trying to cover one million different bandwagon topics.
  • Establish your expertise: If you rock at something, NMX is the place to let it shine. Whether you are here as a speaker, an exhibitor, or to let others know who you are and what you do, there’s not better way to get out the word about YOU.
  • Expand beyond your comfort zone:  If you’re shy, NMX is a great place to meet people because no one judges and all are happy to support each other. If you want to learn something new, NMX is a great place to ask questions. If you’re not sure how to get started, we’ll help and if you want to meet someone, we’ll make an introduction. Magic can happen at NMX, as long as you’re not afraid to ask.
  • Learn to strategize: Our instructors teach you how to put together a content strategy so you can stay focused and put together a procedure.
  • Learn to monetize: Attend sessions about affiliate marketing, working with brands, finding advertisers, self publishing, and other ways to monetize your content.
  • Learn traffic building techniques: Many of our sessions will teach how to attract readers, viewers, and listeners.
  • Learn how to make your content brighter, better, and clearer: Our speakers will teach you how to tighten sentences, edit a podcast or video, eliminate the “um….s” and have a landing page that is aesthetically pleasing.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 2.15.02 PM

  • Gain confidence to become a speaker: Maybe by attending NMX and learning what’s involved you’ll see that you, too, can become a speaker!
  • NMX is less about gimmicks and more about learning, networking, and growing: Hiring entertainers or bringing in things that explode only distract from what we’re all about. While we try to have fun stuff for our community to enjoy, it’s more important for us to provide you with valuable learning or networking experiences because we know your time is important.
  • Receive feedback: Do you have questions about your own content? NMX is the place to ask. Our community will offer feedback if you ask.
  • Learn about competitors or other people who do what you do: At NMX we prefer to use the term “colleagues” and “collaborators” as opposed to competitors but we don’t deny it’s important to know what others in your niche are doing. By bringing content creators together, NMX provides you with that opportunity.
  • Meet the media: The press comes to NMX. In the past attendees have been on Good Morning America, CNN and others. Moreover, bloggers, podcasters, and video creators are always looking for people to interview or talk about.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 2.17.33 PM

  • NMX has changed – and that’s not a bad thing: You know, we hear from a lot of people over the years who tell us that NMX “has changed” from when it was BlogWorld. That’s not a bad thing. Rather than bring the same speakers, topics,  sessions and events every year, we choose to evolve and grow with our community. Change is a good thing, because online content creation changes every day and we have to keep up.
  • We don’t mind if you share: NMX is the Grateful Dead of conferences. So go ahead and share video taken at our sessions or tweet photos of speakers or exhibitors in action. We don’t mind if you share!

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 2.17.50 PM

  • At NMX we value passion and knowledge over influence: We don’t care if you have 5,000 Facebook fans and your 100,000 Twitter followers doesn’t impress us. If you really want to pique our interest, show us why you’re so smart, or share with us why your content rocks. NMX is an influencer – free zone, we’re all peers here.
  • Red Carpet Events: If you attend NMX Award shows, don’t forget your creative formal attire. The press is ready to take your photos and interview you on the red carpet!
  • Grow your online presence: Don’t forget your business cards! Many NMX attendees walk away with new readers, listeners, viewers, and friends to share with on the social networks.
  • There are one million stories at NMX: At NMX, you find inspiration everywhere you turn.We encourage our attendees to find the stories within the stories. Sure, everyone shares content, but it takes a true storyteller to find the hidden gems and details of what makes people tick behind the scenes. What are the things about the people and ideas that make up NMX that no one else knows about? There are one million stories at NMX. Which ones will you tell?
  • Exchange ideas instead of business cards: NMX is a place for people to share ideas with each other. This is much more memorable than handing someone a business card they’re going to toss aside later. NMX attendees take the time to get to know you and see how you can work together. That’s more important than a piece of paper.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 2.16.01 PM

  • Make important connections: NMX attendees have landed book deals, jobs, speaking engagements, and other important projects.

And here’s a bonus for you: Super early bird registration is still available. Register today so you don’t miss this opportunity to attend NMX during the one time we’ll be offering tickets at this super low rate.

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