You’re Probably Not Using This Underrated Facebook Feature


Facebook is really what you make of it, and even though it can feel like it consumes so much of your day, ultimately, you have the ability to control your total usage. One feature on Facebook that many people do not seem to use is “Interests Lists”. These are custom-curated lists of pages and personalities organized in any way you like. You can even follow someone else’s list. You might be familiar with Twitter Lists, and Facebook’s version is a bit more robust.

Facebook Lists could be used in several ways. First, let’s say you have a newsletter. Create an Interest List on Facebook and add any relevant pages and publishers on Facebook to aggregate their content all in one place. You’ll be able to easily scroll through posts, photos, videos, and more. Facebook also recommends similar pages to add to your lists, which helps you discover new content and outlets along the way.

For a more personal use, you can also add “Friends” to an Interest Group. Perhaps you don’t want to un-friend anyone, or just see the status updates and photos from your closest friends. Use an Interest Group to organize your friends in one feed, and away from the onslaught of advertisements and brand page posts now populating your feed.

There are also a wide range of settings and options for these lists, ranging from type of status to notifications. For work lists, perhaps you want to make it public and allow users to follow you. If it’s personal, it probably makes the most sense to create a private list. You can read more about Facebook’s Lists right here.

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