Your Wish is My App: Develop Your Idea With Nokia


So, you built an amazing app. Then what?

After building products that people will love, there are still quite a few steps to getting in the hands of your future customers. David Ban from Foursquare and Matt Collins from Nokia broke down strategies for going to market successfully. Matt is the Global Director of Applications and Partner Marketing for Nokia and knows a thing or two about helping developers successfully launch products.

Across the globe, Nokia is currently running a campaign to allow enthusiasts to submit their idea for the next great app, which will compete with other ideas to get developed. During Social Media Week, people can enter the competition by tweeting their idea using the hashtag #YourWishIsMyApp and #SMW (insert your city). The top app idea will be a part of the 30 apps to compete on a NDTV Prime reality show, judged by some of the top tech talent in India.

The winners will be judged on originality, relevance, and the practicality of implementing and distributing the app. To submit your idea just send your tweet!

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