Your Quirky Idea Could Make You Some Money


Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 12.30.30 PMThink you’ve got a great idea for a new gadget, kitchen utensil, or smartphone accessory? Submit it to Quirky, and you could see it become a reality.

Quirky, a crowdsourcing company based in New York City, works on a very simple premise: users submit ideas, the community votes on their favorites, and the Quirky team then design, produce, and sell them.

Original inventors receive credit for their ideas as well as a share in royalties once the product is on sale.

Sounds good, right?

And it is — especially for consumers. Seriously, the site and iPhone app are full of things you never knew you needed, like a power-cord tidier so you stop running your expensive MacBook charger over with your chair, or a citrus spritzer, so you can…uh…spray fresh lemon juice at things.

Quirky is all about little things that make life easier, and that’s never a bad thing. That said, we can’t help but wonder how much the inventors get out of this set-up.

Apparently, you still maintain some creative control over your idea — choosing the color, for instance — and you do get paid. It’s not clear how much you can generate, though.

If you have the cash and the know-how, you’d possibly be better off seeing your idea through to completion by yourself. That much is obvious. But how many of us have access to a design, engineering, marketing, finance, and legal team? Not many at all. And that’s the point of Quirky — bringing every day people’s ideas to life.

Most of us have an idea that we think could make us some money, and Quirky makes that a possibility. You can check out (and vote) for other ideas too, like a Feet Flat Mat (I know him, eeee!) or follow cool products that are in development like the Rustle. (I’m SO buying that. And no, I don’t know that guy.)

Do YOU have a solid idea? Head over and submit it. After all, it isn’t worth anything if it stays in your head, so there’s nothing to lose!

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