You Talkin’ to Me? An Introduction to SEO Linguistic Analysis


Before making a purchase, consumers regularly seek information about a product online—either through search engines or by communicating with others in their social communities. But, are your brand and its consumers speaking the same language? Typically, the language that consumers use varies from brand-generated wording by being more “everyday” and less formal or technical. So how can a brand speak in a language that their consumer understands while still capturing valuable search engine real estate?

What Is SEO Linguistic Analysis?

SEO linguistic analysis helps determine the most beneficial language for use within online content. To produce this type of analysis, researchers comb through social data to determine the terms most commonly used in online conversation, while SEO analysts determine typical terms used in search queries. Combining these data points allows brands to determine where search engine and social conversation language intersect. By analyzing the overlap, high value terms that appear in both places can be identified and included in online content.

What Can We Learn From It?

By understanding the language that consumers use in their pursuit of this information, whether through search engines or in social conversations, brands can enhance the effectiveness of their online content. For example, a consumer finds himself in the market for new subscription movie channels, such as HBO and Starz, and takes to the internet to assess his best options. What search terms is he using across the social sphere as he seeks help in making his decision? He may discuss ‘premium channels’ and ‘movie channels’ with his friends, and search for “premium channels’ and ‘subscription cable’ on Google. To increase the potential for this consumer to click through to your brand’s website, online content needs to be both search engine and social conversation friendly, capturing his conversational language as well as his search queries. SEO linguistic analysis allows you to find the overlap between how consumers describe and search for your product, ‘premium cable’ in this example, and how to use these high value terms within your website content and even paid media strategies.

Why Is It Important?

The importance of SEO linguistics analysis lies in its ability to help you understand the language used by consumers to gather information about your product both in social channels and through search engines, thus better align your online content with that language. Ultimately, this type of analysis gives your brand the highest value terms for its online content, which allows your content to speak to both the search engine and the human consumer.

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