You Can Buy Ello Shirts on Threadless Now


Ello x Threadless shirt limited edition for launch

I finally got my Ello invitation last week, just after everyone stopped using it, it seems.

Hey, remember Ello?

— Mathew Ingram (@mathewi) November 14, 2014

But the social network is still making moves. This week, they’ve launched Ello x Threadless, which is a nice way to get a little chump change without advertising, right? You can buy Ello tees starting today. 

Threadless is the online community of T-shirt designers; users vote on designs they like best, and the T-shirts get made. When the shirts run out, they run out. You never have to worry about running into someone with the same T-shirt, and you get to support designers, which is always a plus.

And so it goes with Ello’s store. Ello shirts will refresh every 14 days with limited edition designs by an Ello user. For this first round, they’re by @nopattern, who’s also curating the Threadless project. The Ello logo shirts will always be available. Now we have to see if engagement around the social network will last forever, too.

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