Xbox One Owners Receive Verizon FiOS TV App


Xbox One has received praise from all around since its introduction courtesy of its stand-out features, cable box connectivity being one of many. This feature allows users to give out a Kinect voice command to switch between the game and the television, but there’s a major problem: the interface is clunky.

Thankfully, the holiday spirit has come to the rescue of Xbox One owners, as Verizon Communications Inc. recently released the FiOS TV app for the console. This brings the telephone, internet and video service fiber optic bundle service of the company to Xbox One.

Only U.S. internet and television Verizon subscribers and Xbox Live gold subscribers will be able to download this app for free. Users can select from 74 channels, including some premium offerings like NFL Network, Syfy HD, Animal Planet, Lifetime HD, AMC HD and HBO, depending on the package. Also, users will find the rest of the interface quite similar to Xbox OS.

Live programming can be switched to at any time during gameplay (imagine watching an NFL game live on television and playing an NFL game on the console at the same time). Verizon customers don’t need to install another cable TV box to use the service and Xbox One Kinect will do all the work through gesture and voice commands. Additionally, Xbox One gold members can use the Xbox OneGuide to place favorite content and Xbox One applications on the TV screen.

Xbox One owners who haven’t signed up for the FiOS service but want to use this new service can save money with a subscription during the holiday season. This is because there are discounts and promos on offer, and these FiOS promos are going to work just fine for new customers who are looking for discounts on fiber optic internet, cable TV and telephone bundles.

Verizon FiOS TV App Available Now on Xbox One

VP product development Verizon John Wimsatt is positive about this introduction and states that this partnership will maximize the value FiOS customers will receive from subscription to the service and Xbox Live gold. He also believes this partnership is going to break technological barriers and is just the latest step at the company to deliver customers anything they want on any device.

The average internet speed clocking in at 50/25 Mbps – 500/100 Mbps will enhance the experience, and pretty soon the Verizon FiOS service will be available to customers outside the U.S. as well. It should also be noted that Verizon is the first company to launch the TV app on the new Xbox, with TimeWarner Cable and Comcast’s TWC TV and Xfinity app only available for Xbox. The FiOS app is also available for Xbox360 users.

The DVR recording and video on demand features are currently missing at this time, but with the developments going on, it won’t be a surprise if they’re introduced in the next few months by Verizon.

Verizon also mentions that Xbox One owners who already have a FiOS cable TV box can attach it with the HDMI-in port on Xbox One and use the ‘Snap Mode’ to tune in two different channels at the same time. This will be done through the Xbox One’s native TV app and the new FiOS TV app.

The full list of channels offered by FiOS TV app and information on its other features are available in the official news release.