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Workout App Endomondo Strengthens Its Ties With Facebook


Working out is becoming a more social experience, with Facebook friends offering support on a tough hill or the homestretch. Endomondo knows this, as the application recently deepened its Facebook integration to include the ability to tag friends, as well as to post photos and status updates once the workout is done.

Endomondo’s latest update for Android, BlackBerry 10, and iPhone brings Facebook a little closer. Users can tag friends they work out with, as well as easily post status updates and photos after they’re done working out. Endomondo users can either automatically share content to Facebook or wait until their workouts are done.

Endomondo announced these new features in a blog post:

With the latest release on the Android, BlackBerry 10, and iPhone applications, we are offering our users a few new features that make working out more fun and social. It is now possible to tag friends you’ve done a workout with, and to add photos and a status message right from the app after the workout is finished. Photos can be chosen from those taken during the workout or taken at the point of adding. There is also an option to share this “enhanced” workout on Facebook, since a lot of Endomondo users like to flash their workouts on this social network. (If you cannot see this screen on your iPhone, access your workout settings and enable social content).

Readers: How often do you share workouts on Facebook?

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