Windows Phone: Time for Microsoft to Put the Pedal to the Metal




Greg Sullivan, Microsoft’s Windows Phone marketing lead, was grinning from ear to ear when we sat down for an interview earlier this week. Market research firm IDC had just anointed his phone platform a solid Number 3, beating the once-dominant Blackberry platform for the first time.

“It’s very refreshing,” Sullivan told me.

Granted, Windows Phone and Blackberry are fighting over scraps. That same report indicated that 92% of all shipping smartphones are on the Android and iOS platforms. Still, for Microsoft it’s a victory of sorts — maybe even a sign of momentum.

Slow But Steady Wins?

Sullivan said Microsoft thinks of this progress in the way one would a flywheel. “It takes a lot of energy to start it and get it going and you see the progress and it feels like it’s very slow progress. It’s the tipping point; you get to critical mass or momentum that’s self-sustaining.” Read more…

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