Why You Should Buy Twitter Followers


You have your Twitter profile set up just like you have always wanted it.  It is linked to all of your social media profiles, especially Facebook.  The overall design and layout of the page is visually appealing and seemingly magnetic every single time that you log in and check it out for yourself.  You have all of the very best aspects and elements within your profile that you can possibly have in order for it to become an overnight success.  The biggest problem that has turned into a major roadblock on the path to progress and exponential growth, however, is the simple fact that no one seems to be following your page.

Analyzing the Problem

If you truly do want to use your Twitter profile as an effective marketing tool, this goal will never be achieved until you have first taken the necessary steps to obtain a substantial number of followers to go along with it.  Just like any other website online, your Twitter profile needs to have a regular amount of consistent traffic that flows directly to it on a non-stop basis each day.  This is the type of exposure that you need in order to achieve the high quality results that you have been expecting.  The question, then, would be, “How do I go about getting followers in the first place? What steps do I have to take in order to get people to follow me and stay attached & subscribed to my online presence through this particular platform?

How You Can Gain Followers

There are several different ways that you can gain a substantial number of followers right away.  For instance, the most common approach is through organic growth.  Through this particular method of growth, you are simply relying on other people to find you.  You have made sure that your profile is public, so that when someone is searching for your name, content or past hashtags, they will find you among the populated list.

Another way that you can gain Twitter followers is through promoting and advertising your page just like you would anything else.  You need to stimulate interest and manually draw traffic directly towards your Twitter account.  You will more than likely not want to wait for them to come to you (as you would through organic growth) but you will go ahead and track them down on your own through hunting for them on your own.  The final method of growth, however, is perhaps the most effective, efficient and affordable.

1. Let your followers know exactly what retweeting is by giving them step by step instructions on how to do it, then simply invite them to retweet your links. Retweeting moves your @username into different social graphs and gives the much sought after, but often elusive result of more clicks back to your profile. You can track your retweets through the retweetlist platform.

2. There are a few of reasons why you should complete your bio. First and foremost is the fact that it is displayed on Twitter’s Suggested Users page. Secondly, to those people who don’t know you personally, your tweets and @replies may fail to engage their interest. Finally, a complete bio is important because it’s the only place where you can give insight to who you are and if you leave it blank or non-descriptive, people won’t feel compelled to add you.

3. An excellent suggestion from @garyvee is to “link it up.” Add other social network and website links to your Twitter profile wherever possible. You should Link to all the popular online forums you’re engaging in as well as your LinkedIn Profile, Facebook, Reddit, StumbleUpon, your blog, email signature and anywhere else you can think of. Adding a TwitterCounter from one of the many attractive feedburner-like badges to your blog will increase reader engagement as well.

4. If you are really passionate about something, Tweet about it. You’d be surprised at the number of like-minded individuals this can expose you to. And adding #hashtags to those tweets, could put them on steroids.

#hashtags make your Tweets easy to find on Twitter and connecting them to quality content, is the easiest way to help your tweets go viral. The more people that find and enjoy your content, the more followers you will gain in the process.

If you need to know more about #hashtags, simply Google it. There’s a Ton of free information all over web on how to use them properly.

5. Think offline marketing for your twitter account. Bring it out into the real world. When and if ever you get the chance to give a speech, consult on an advisory panel, record a podcast, video, do a Powerpoint presentation or hand out business cards – try to find some way to broadcast or display your twitter account while you’re at it.

6. There’s much to be said about using images, photos and infographics whether it be on Twitter or anywhere else on the web. People find them interesting and engaging and are highly compelled to share those they find attractive. Just take one look at the amazing popularity of Pinterest and you’ll know this statement rings true. The photo from US Airways Flight 1549 has been viewed over 350,000 times.

So, take pictures. If you’re doing so via mobile, there are a number of different apps you can use like Instagram, Tweetie or Twitterific – all of which support uploading on the go. You can find these and other photo sharing apps in the Google Play Store.

The Best Way to Get Followers

The most efficient way to gain Twitter followers is to buy cheap twitter followers in competitive bundles that are currently available through ThinkSociable.com.  Once you have bought a bundle of followers, you will be able to plant a seed within your Twitter profile for exponential growth in the near future.

Purchasing your followers will make it much easier for you to achieve your peak potential when it comes to growing your business, because you will be able to maximize the number of people that are exposed to your profile on any given day by doing so.