Why You Need to Care About the Mobile UX of Your Facebook Content


Why You Need to Care About the Mobile UX of Your Facebook Content image ux of content2

I’m going to start with a couple of incredible statistics, though you’ve probably seen them before.

Facebook has roughly 1.06 billion monthly active users (Source: CNET)

Facebook has roughly 680 million mobile monthly active users (Source: CNET)

I’ll do the quick math for you; that’s well over half of Facebook’s monthly active users that are accessing the world’s most popular social media network on their mobile devices.

Why should you care about this?

Well, the fact that over half of all people are going to be consuming your content on mobile devices, should impact the format of content you choose to produce, and be considered when measuring and analyzing the performance of your business’ Facebook updates.

Plain and simple, the user experience (UX) of consuming different formats of content varies on mobile devices versus on a PC. The experience of consuming photos and text, for instance, does not suffer on a mobile device. Video, however, requires a time commitment, strong connection speed, and device processing power that is inconsistent at best on different mobile platforms and networks.

Here are a few things you can do to maximize the UX of consuming your content and considerations that should be made when analyzing performance:

Adjust your content mix to ensure it is mobile-friendly

A bit of a no-brainer, but important none-the-less. We are all well aware that photos tend to garner the highest engagement rates of all content types on Facebook. This is fantastic, as the UX of consuming photo content on mobile devices does not degrade versus consumption on a PC.

Even when planning your photo or image-based content, remember to account for a wide array of mobile devices and screen sizes. Impactful and vibrant photographs that are a standard size will look amazing on most mobile devices, whereas lengthy infographics that requires scrolling for days to view in entirety will be a complete pain to view on most devices.

Don’t overlook the power of text updates

Text-based updates on Facebook aren’t typically thought of as being particularly exciting or effective.

Did you know that text-based updates receive the second highest engagement rates on average of any type of content?

Again, the experience of consuming a text update on a mobile version of Facebook does not degrade versus consuming it on a PC. Consider investing more time and energy in your text-based updates. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts by seeing higher engagement rates from mobile users.

Modify performance expectations for content that isn’t mobile-friendly

A result of so many Facebook users consuming content on mobile devices is that some types of content may appear to underperform – video, being a prime example.

When assessing the performance of your content that isn’t mobile-friendly, it will be worthwhile to modify expectations to account for lower engagement from mobile users.

You can get a sense for the proportion of your audience that may be consuming your content on mobile devices by viewing your Facebook Insights and checking out your ‘Like Sources’ to see how many are from mobile. This certainly isn’t perfect, but it may give you an idea of how many community members are predisposed to checking their Facebook news feeds on non-PC devices.


As the technological landscape continues to shift, and users consume increasing amounts of content on non-PC devices, it’s will be increasingly important to the success of your social media marketing efforts to cater to these users by optimizing your content to provide a great mobile user experience.

How do you cater to mobile users of Facebook with your content?

Have you noticed higher engagement rates with certain types of content?

Conversely, have you noticed particularly low engagement rates with certain types of content?

It would be awesome to chat with you about this more in the comments, or on Twitter @RGBSocial

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