‘Why won’t the war stop?’ South Sudan refugees in their own words




When students at the Ajuong Thok Refugee Camp in South Sudan first held the smart phones given to them by a UN Refugee Agency project, they didn’t know how to turn them on.

“These are people who have never seen a photo of themselves,” Kathryn Mahoney, the UNHCR communications officer who led the initiative told Mashable. “They come from a part of Sudan where there is no access to television or basic photography, so we were pretty much starting from scratch.”

Through the project, 21 students between the ages of 16 and 25 were given smartphones and participated in a two-month course in digital storytelling. Soon they were taking hundreds of photos documenting day-to-day life in the refugee camp. At the end of the course, students selected and wrote about their favorite photos for an exhibit to the community Read more…

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