When it Rains: the Week in Review (May 17)


Wading through the best Storify stories from a week soaked in political scandal.

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Sat, May 18 2013 00:37:52

You think you’re glad the week’s over? It couldn’t end fast enough for the Obama administration. Amidst increased volume about Benghazi and a scandal involving the IRS, it was discovered the Department of Justice targeted phone lines of journalists at the Associated Press.

PBS MediaShift covered the AP documents, media reactions and more:

By Thursday, the president faced an absolute downpour of criticism and questioning made a statement — in the rain, of course.
The resulting photo of an armed service guard holding an umbrella dripped with political symbolism. A reporter from the National Journal captured the moment and media snark perfectly here:
Not to be outdone, Toronto woke up to some big headlines of its own when it was reported that video evidence exists of mayor Rob Fort smoking crack cocaine:

The scandal shook Toronto more than some Friday morning earthquakes in the area and caused quite a stir on the web.
Elsewhere this week, a tremendous amount of reaction and remembrance followed David Beckham’s announcement he was retiring. The LA Galaxy put together a great story in tribute: 
And have you noticed any changes to Storify lately? Our feature set is expanding, highlighted this week by some new tracking and customization options in Storify Business:
Enjoy your weekend, everyone. And as always, thanks for sharing your stories!

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