What On-Page SEO Factors Every Web Developers Should Practice?


What On Page SEO Factors Every Web Developers Should Practice? image onpage seo factors

The most recent introduction and update of Google’s Panda 4.0 and the new answer box, reflects that the internet world will soon turn into a critical place, where SEO and strong social network strategies will not be enough. While the SEO team will try to find out new ways to reach the top, producing content with effective keywords, will not be enough. In such a scenario, while you will be engrossed in finding out ways to improve your ecommerce trends and focus on the number of PPC your website makes, little will you realize that there is no time left to focus on your website.

Your website is the platform from where your ecommerce trends start and without it, there would have been no question of optimization. While content writers are there to produce relevant key phrases for search engines to track down, there is one pivotal role that all web developers need to know and play while optimizing a web design.

#1. The Importance of Keywords

Keyword is the the food that search engines feed on. Keywords that consist of strong phrase, is known as the Head Term. If you own a web design company, then your head terms would be – web design, website development, SEO and more.

On the other hand, there are also keywords, which are known as Long Tails. You can creatively phrase these ‘head terms’ with the ‘long tails’ to create effective keywords like Orange County Web Design, WordPress Web Developer, etc.

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#2. How Do You Make The Best Use of Keywords?

You need search engines to drive traffic to your website and for this, you need to make proper use of keywords.

While a web designer must ensure that keywords are used in the following:

  • For Title Tags
  • For Meta Descriptions
  • For Your Website’s Domain
  • For the alt text used along with the images
  • For graphic descriptions
  • For internal and external links
  • For Header Tags
  • For both primary and product pages

#3. Developing Website Navigation Using Semantics

Website designers already know the effective website design principles. There is no doubt that the quality of websites are increasing day by day. But after design, web developers take the key roll. And the major part of a web development is creating a frindly navigation.

Search engines use semantics, also known as LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing), to analyze your website’s quality using content, internal navigation and links.

If your website has a drop-down menu that navigates to open up services like ‘web design’, ‘web development’, ‘software solution’ , which further expands to open other categories and solutions; then it can be called semantically correct. This becomes easy both for the search engines and for viewers to understand what you are talking about.

You can use semantics to add any data that you have collected during your keyword search.

How To Make Use Of Semantics During Navigation?

Using texts for your menu bottons, help search engines to index them and link them properly. Words too help viewers to identify the kind of service they will come across, if they click on that menu button. Besides, if you use images and icons instead of texts for your menu buttons, how will search engines index it?

#4. Markup Using Microformats and Schema.org

Enterpreneurs are trying to build searches surrounding entities and that involves real world representations.Web developers can use Schema and microformats (a collaboration of Yahoo,Google and Microsoft), for marking important addresses, phone numbers, television episodes and many more from the real world.

How These Markups Are Important?

These markup features are important and Google tries new ways to scrape important informations that they can share with their customers. Using the markups will help websites to widen their visibility in a number of search results.

#5. Importance of URLs

Every website page contains an IP and a URL. It is important as your site link is used as a reference for some other places.

A good URL is something that web developers need to produce, using basic re-writing rules or a proper CMS plug-in.

#6. Importance of Using Proper Images

Images are an important part of your web development in terms of search engine optimization. The common question arounf the web is how to boost blog traffic, the easiest way is proper image optimization. This can increase the search volume and boost the traffic of a website or a blog.

The following ways to use images for proper optimization include:

  • Images cannot take much loading time and so you need to optimize them accordingly. It is better to compress them to smaller sizes.
  • Try to keep an image resolution consisting between 30 to 120 kb and of 72 dpi.
  • Make use of alt tags along with your images to bring search engines something different.
  • Make sure your images match what your contents say. Accompanying images with good captions and titles work best.

The Concluding and Important Point

Websites recognize the vital importance of social networks. Therefore, implementing buttons and other social sharing tools will help viewers to promote and like a particular web page. In this way, they too can participate to promote your page within their social circle. A simple Tweet can increase your site’s visibility to great extent.

While the content developers and the SEO team take care of the other on-page aspects, a little help from the web developer’s side can make things simpler.

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