What Makes Video More Social Than Other Content?


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With so many voices fighting for our attention, content has become common.  One of the reasons it has become so common is the attitude that prevailed a few years ago and still today that says that creating something was better than doing nothing.  While that might have been a good strategy to get content so Google would rank your site higher, we need content that people not robots want to read and now we need our content to rise to the top.  Google agrees with this and has changed the way they look at the quality of content.

Company video is one of the biggest offenders of the old mindset, with boring amateur content that fails to connect emotionally with the viewer.  The other big problem is that videos created under the old mindset fail to give the viewer a path to follow to become your customer.  The idea is we will create one video about the company, and that is enough.  That being said, when video is properly executed it is more social than any other type of content.  Video content is more popular than ever with now not only YouTube, but Facebook, Instagram, Vine and a ton of other places to host our video.

A video catches viewers’ attention, not only because of its uniqueness, but because of how it makes them feel.  A good video is sharable amongst your target audience; which will spread your message that much faster.

Video done right is efficient; which is key to keeping people’s attention within the fast pace of social media. Simply put, depiction trumps description.  What can be abstractly described in a few hundred words, a video can show in mere seconds and with greater accuracy. Videos are great vehicles for storytelling because, while photos can only show and text can only tell, videos can show and tell at the same time. A product marketing video, for example, can demonstrate how a product works while simultaneously adding extra information through a voiceover.

This variety of stimuli also caters to viewers with different preferred learning methods. Some people learn best by listening while others remember images the best – videos benefit both camps. Videos can even benefit kinesthetic learners when it comes to demonstrating step-by-step processes, such as using a blender or baking a cake. Appealing to multiple senses doesn’t just make for a vivid watching experience.  It also improves the chances that viewers will retain and endorse your message.

Not only does the combination of audio and visuals promote efficiency, but it also has the capacity to generate greater excitement than other media forms. The wide range of effects, from music and sound to lighting and camera moves, allows you to underscore the most important points in a way that other media cannot. An upbeat narrative adds energy and enthusiasm to a pitch that would be dry and boring if presented as a transcript. Music and sound effects can likewise make a video exciting. Just be sure to select audio effects that enhance, and not detract from, your video content.

Along with these effects, the main benefit videos offer that text and photos usually cannot is a human voice. When you post text on your business’ social media page, the words typically are detached from the person writing them. Because there are so many business promotions on social media, web users want to connect to a person, not an abstract corporate entity. This is where videos come in. Simply by having a person talk about your business or product on-screen, you are providing a spokesperson your viewers can relate to.

When it comes to product marketing, videos also allow you to convey people’s enthusiasm about the product. This relates to the concept of selling benefits rather than just features. While features are relevant, potential buyers ultimately want to know whether they will be happy with the product. A video can cover both bases by featuring people’s testimonials or by including footage of people reacting excitedly to the product. Emotion is what sells products, and by featuring testimonials, a video conveys to viewers on the visceral level that the product appeals to people like them.  Let the video do the work for you. Once the audience is watching, they will be engaged by a medium that not only tells but also shows. Videos convey information efficiently, vividly, and energetically, while also appealing to viewers’ innate desire to connect with and seek affirmation from others. Because of this, videos let you deliver your message in a short and sweet package that grabs your audience’s attention and keeps it.  How will you make content that is social not just content?

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