Webinar alert: How to tell your brand’s story with visuals


Do you want to create infographics and exciting visuals for your website and social media channels? We can show you how.

By Ragan Staff | Posted: May 27, 2013

Sometimes it takes more than words to tell a great story.

It’s time to jazz up your brand’s content with visual storytelling.

Learn everything you need to know about compelling visual content in our new webinar, “The next step in content marketing: Create a show-stopping visual story.” The webinar will air on Thursday, June 6, at 2 p.m. CST.

You’ll learn how to create an unforgettable visual experience for your audience from Matt Basford, director of Beyond, a creative digital agency.

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Here are some of the topics Basford will cover:

  • How to create strong visual content, like infographics.
  • Why visual content can be more effective than writing.
  • How to measure your efforts.
  • What questions to ask before you begin.

You will also be able to ask Basford any questions you have during the live Q&A session.

You will leave this webinar knowing how to tell your brand’s story in more ways than just writing. It’s time to give your content a visual and compelling

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