Webinar alert: Grammar tips every writer should know


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By Ragan Staff | Posted: July 24, 2013

If you’ve ever confused “further” and “farther” or weren’t sure when to use a comma, we have the webinar for you.

Mignon Fogarty, The New York Times bestselling author, will lead her popular webinar on Wednesday, Aug. 7: “Powerful Writing with Grammar Girl: Simple techniques and memory tricks that eliminate grammar mistakes forever.”

In her 75-minute course, Fogarty will teach you how to avoid grammar slip-ups that annoy readers.

Learn more about the webinar.

Fogarty will show you how to steer clear of the 10 most common grammar mistakes while you strengthen your copy. Mignon will also discuss:

  • Why you must develop your own writing style.
  • When you should follow grammar rules, and when to break them.
  • How to grab readers’ attention and hold it.
  • And more!

Through her interaction with thousands of fans, Fogarty has learned which grammar questions writers stress about most. Get your burning grammar questions
answered in the live Q&A session after her presentation.

If you’re ready to strengthen your grammar skills,

sign up now!

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