WARNING: There Is No Such Thing As A Facebook Music Theme


FacebookMusicThemeScam650Although MySpace may be attempting to once again become a relevant social network, this does not mean Facebook is adding MySpace-like features, as Avast Virus Lab warned in a blog post that a new scam making its way through the social network promises users the ability to add music-related themes to their Timelines and enable songs to play when other users access their Timelines.

Avast Virus Lab Expert Honza Zika discovered that the code in the scam causes users to automatically like pages, photos, and groups, adding:

What this code does is modify Facebook. It automatically liked 32 photos, people, and groups. See my activity log (screenshot below) — that is just half of it.

On a serious note, this really is pretty big. On the (second) screenshot (below), you can see the predicted impact — that is the number of people who auto-liked the profile pic. he number was 37,000 when the screenshot was taken.

Zika said no malicious code was discovered, speculating that the scam was the work of “like harvesters,” who aim to boost like totals and increase the value of Facebook pages so that those pages can be sold to other scammers.

Readers: Have you seen anything like this?


Screenshots courtesy of Avast.