We interviewed rising star Naomi Scott about her song-writing, influences and tips for other artists wanting to launch their music career. Read on to find out about the songs that are close to her heart and learn more about her debut EP ‘Invisible Division’, available on iTunes.

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What inspired you to get into music?
From a young age I loved all the performing arts, I loved to sing, dance and act. I think growing up and listening to gospel voices like Mary Mary and Kim Burell really made me want to sing. I started writing at 14 and realised how passionate I was about it and how much I would love to actually pursue it.

Are your lyrics influenced by your own experiences and how much of yourself goes into the song-writing?
Majority of my writing comes from my own experiences, or sometimes writing from the perspective of someone I know and what they’re going through. For example, the song ‘Running’ was actually inspired by reading Jane Eyre and was kind of an ode to women in any generation who needed or need to get out of a bad situation and the courage it takes to endeavour to leave or ‘escape’. Whereas ‘Say Nothing’ I wrote when I was 16 and it’s about me liking someone, but being unable to say anything because it’s all so new and scary. So it’s a mix really.

Was it difficult to launch your own music?
You know what, it was in a way because sometimes you can get type casted by the work that you’ve done previously, and I just want people to judge on what they hear. Everything I’ve put out has been me and cultivated by myself and those that I’ve worked with. It’s a different entity than acting, but hopefully people who appreciate my acting appreciate my music, but that’s not a pre-requisite.

What were you doing before you got into singing and song-writing?
I was studying hard at school! I was getting on with school exams etc. I had actually just finished my AS year (half of your A levels), so yeah I was just a school kid.

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