Does it seem like you’re always saving up for your next vacation, only to have it fly by all too quickly? You’re certainly not alone! Yet at the same time there are many long-term travellers who manage to constantly be jetting off to exotic new locales, while still paying the bills. Combining work and travel isn’t all first class lounges and sunny beaches, but it can be a way to explore the world without draining your savings account. Here are five ideas to help fund your travels on the fly. 

1. Teach a language.

You don’t need to have studied a foreign language in order to teach one. If you’re a native English speaker, your mother tongue is in high demand across the world. Asia and Latin America are popular destinations for English teachers, who are often able to find placements without any teaching credentials. Naturally, a certification course or teaching degree will help you get a more lucrative and legitimate work placement. Take a look at sites like Dave’s ESL Café or the local job listings board in your destination of choice.

2. Become a travel blogger.

Blogging may not bring you fortune and fame, but it can provide a tidy side income to help top up your funds as you travel. Take photographs and write articles about the sights you see, and readers may be interested in what you have to say. Use tools like Google AdSense to monetize your blog, or sell your travel articles to magazines. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection!

3. Get into the aviation industry.

Are you looking for a travel-related career? Consider working for an airline. Flight attendants receive excellent industry perks, including discounts on hotels and free flights. A background in customer service is useful to get a foot in the door for this type of job, as are current related courses. You may not be able to set your own schedule, but if you’re flexible you can take advantage of standby flights on your days off and see the world on a whim.

4. Run personalized tours.

Have you spent some time in a particular location? You could earn money on the side giving your own tours. A sense of humour goes a long way, whether you opt to run your own independent tour business or seek employment with an organized tour group. You may need to be willing to work for donations rather than rely on a steady paycheque, however.

5. Run away with the circus.

It doesn’t have to be the circus, necessarily, but there are a number of touring troupes and performances in need of a crew. Rock bands, dance troupes, and theatre groups need help setting up and breaking down sets. Experience using lighting or audio equipment can help you land this type of gig, or you could go the performance route to spend your days sightseeing and your nights on the stage.

Do you already work from home? If your job is flexible, you may be able to perform it from the road using your computer and a decent Wi-Fi connection. A PayPal account is useful to set up before you hit the road, allowing you to get paid remotely. If your dream is to travel indefinitely, these are just a few ideas to help you turn it into a reality.

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