Want Those Snapchats Back? That’ll Be $300




In the digital world, few things are ever truly deleted or destroyed. Not if you have the money to get them back.

That’s why one company is making hay out of a new service Thursday that offers to recover Snapchats — those supposedly self-destructing pics beloved by teens and twentysomethings — from the recipient’s phone. For a cool $ 300 to $ 500 per device.

The utility is obvious: this pricey service is for lawsuits, for seriously disapproving (and well-off) parents, and quite possibly for blackmail purposes. Our only question: what took them so long?

For now, the service is only available for Android phones. But the company in question, Utah-based Decipher Forensics, is working feverishly to add iOS capability. Which, considering that most of the 150 million Snapchats sent per day hail from iPhones, is where the real money is Read more…

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