Visualizing How Americans Consume Energy in Summer Months


One of the most difficult challenges of the green-minded is to survive the summer heat without seeing their energy bills go through the roof. After all, summer without air conditioning is downright brutal, and Americans simply cannot get past these few steamy months without turning down the thermostat. According to data from the National Climatic Data Center, 87 percent of all American homes – almost 100 million – are equipped with AC appliances, costing homeowners more than $ 11 billion annually.

Unfortunately, the U.S. is still the world’s largest consumer of fossil fuels, but there’s real progress being made in developing alternative energy sources. At the moment, renewable power accounts for 9% of total energy used in America, but experts believe it could easily surpass natural gas as the world’s second most prevalent energy source within the next three years.

With all this in mind, Save On Energy put together an infographic that reflects the summer energy consumer trends of Americans. Here’s the complete look:

Visualizing How Americans Consume Energy in Summer Months image SaveOnEnergy

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