Vine Celebrates It’s First Year



Today marks the first anniversary of Twitter’s looping short video service Vine. What started out as a service to make it easier to share video using your phone became a phenomenon and the fastest growing app worldwide. Four months out of of the gate, Vine had 13 million users and in August the comapny announced on Twitter that it had topped 40 million. Not bad for a service on a year old.

While Vine’s rate of growth is unbelievably fast, the tech pundits still pit the service up against Instagram Video. Sure, Instagram has 150 million users but the audiences seem to be different. There might be some funny on Instagram Video but Vine is almost all about the funny. And a search for Instagram Videos just yields a bunch of Vines. Something tells me Vine is winning when it comes to popularity and market penetration.

To celebrate Vine’s first birthday, the Vine team pulled together a collection of some of the most viral videos. To be sure, almost every single one will make you double over with laughter. Oh the stupid things people do.

With the video medium exploding the way it is, it’ll be interesting to see what the next year brings. I’m hoping for more nerd jokes.

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