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Video StoryEngine Helps Brands Get ‘iNvolved’ With Videos On Facebook


Another way to promote brands through videos on Facebook and other social networks was introduced by iNvolved Media, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer: Video StoryEngine, which iNvolved described as a proprietary interactive video engagement layer that seamlessly operates across social, mobile, and premium Web content.

iNvolved said its Super Bowl campaign for Mennen’s Speed Stick helped its client to reach male sports fans on more than 500 sports websites, as well as the Facebook News Feed, on Super Sunday, with its “gamified” version of the company’s video creative, in which hundreds of thousands of Web surfers answered the trivia question, “What did this guy pick up at the laundry mat?”

The company added that its Facebook PMD status enables it to deliver its ad units across the News Feed, as well as via the social network’s mobile applications.

According to iNvolved, digital video increases brand’s lift message associations by 8.3 percent to 20.5 percent, and users are 40 times to 150 times more likely to consume branded content in Facebook’s News Feed than on a brand’s website.

Video StoryEngine also works with Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest.

iNvolved Founder and CEO Neal Weinberg said:

We recognized through testing thousands of campaigns that initiatives using interactive video challenges and social hooks convey a brand’s story best. The challenge is always about engaging the user to “lean in” to the video content, remember the message, and take action. We offer this seamlessly across social, mobile, and Web. Video StoryEngine is our solution. Brands can create much deeper engagement while layering in precise interest targeting and consumer purchasing data. Our media distribution, comprised of Facebook and more than 10,000 Web publishers, allows reach on a massive scale.

Readers: How often do you interact with video content in your News Feeds?

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