Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: 5 Things to Watch For at Showtime




The Victoria’s Secret angels won’t be the only people spreading their wings during the lingerie brand’s annual televised fashion show Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

The event’s director, producers and digital teams are also showcasing their skills to give the pre-taped Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show a few firsts, evolving the spectacle as technology continues to improve and social media continues to ignite online buzz

“On one level, the appeal of the show is quite obvious, but if you delved below the surface, all of these levels open up — you’d be surprised.” director Hamish Hamilton, who has helmed the show 10 times, told Mashable. “We constantly seek to outdo ourselves. When we started the journey 11 years ago, we really wanted to change the aesthetic and narrative of the show, and give the viewers a 360-degree experience onstage and backstage.” Read more…

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